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  • Organic Chemistry Help!
    Specializing purely in organic chemistry. They offer many tutorials, practice tests and even a wiki written by other students.

  • Royal Society of Chemistry
    They offer news, community events, educational services, career information, recent activity news and more.,1244967826,default-placeholder-page.html

  • ScienceDaily
    They have specified areas for each chemistry category. They cover medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, basic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and thermodynamics.

  • The Stevens Lab
    Studies and presents information from a biological and chemical perspective on the neural signal transduction on a molecular level. The website includes the research available up until now, publications and info about members.

  • Wired Chemist
    Site created for chemistry students, featuring various segments such as pedagogical animations, introduction to chemistry, demonstrations of laboratory techniques, NMR spectral data and problems and more.

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