Santa Cruz Biotechnology is a worldwide company and was started over 30 years ago and offers a wide range of biochemicals, primary and secondary monoclonal antibodies, lab supplies and CRISPR gene editing products. Their products are used primarily for biomedical research. Their own brand of antibodies is called ImmunoCruz Conjugates and includes over 8,000 of the most popular antibodies. Antibodies include p53 antibody, fusion protein tags, tumor suppressors, cell cycle proteins, lymphocyte and signaling. Free samples of antibodies are available. Chemicals include protein inhibitors, reagents, antimicrobials, surfactants, chelators, solvents and others. The company offers outstanding customer support and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Business address

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
10410 Finnell Street,
United States

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Phone: 800-457-3801
Fax: 214-358-6070