Wired Chemist is an inventive and multi-faceted online resource with a variety of enriching features, curated specifically for chemistry students and professionals. It seeks to harness the immense potential of electronic media to educate and provide valuable information, making it a commendable platform in the realm of e-learning.

One of the appealing aspects of Wired Chemist is its broad range of educative content. It provides pedagogical animations, introductions to key areas of chemistry, modules on important topics, demonstrations of practical laboratory techniques, and NMR spectral data and related problems. The platform's objective is to help students comprehend the intricacies of chemistry and offer professionals insightful content.

Diving into the specifics, the Chemistry section serves predominantly as an academic tool for undergraduate students. It holds a wealth of resources including tutorials, discussions, drills, and data, all tailored with comprehensive attention to detail. It also contains additional learning material designed for the text Chemistry by renowned authors Yoder, Retterer, Thomsen, and Hess.

Beyond the world of molecules and reactions, Wired Chemist also explores the interplay between chemistry and pressing environmental issues. The Environmental section showcases laboratory projects developed at Franklin and Marshall College. An intriguing discussion about the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, penned by Phyllis Leber, showcases the practical applications of the subject.

Expanding on its practical exploration of real-world issues, Wired Chemist delves into Mineralogy. It hosts a series of animations demonstrating the symmetry of varied minerals at an atomic level which is particularly captivating and educative.

In conclusion, Wired Chemist stands as an advantageous educational tool, leveraging the digital age to delve deep into the study of chemistry. Its well-structured and multi-disciplinary approach allows users to expand their scientific knowledge alongside providing a glimpse into the contemporary applications of the discipline. With its variety of consumable content and engaging methodology, it is a platform of significant value to both students and professionals in the field.