Rutgers-New Brunswick's website is a resourceful platform providing comprehensive details about the institution and its various offerings. It covers multiple aspects of university life, from the roots of Rutgers to exploring its spaces, and the unique experiences that being part of the Big Ten provides.

The site's home page provides a navigation bar that offers quick access to sections such as 'Academic Master Plan', 'Strategic Priorities and Initiatives', and 'Faculty Accolades'. It also provides a convenient and easy-to-use search tool that allows visitors to look for specific information throughout the site and across all Rutgers platforms.

The academics focusing section provides a subdivision into undergraduate and graduate studies. Prospective students can explore programs offered by this prestigious institution, across different schools and colleges. Information about the Rutgers Health program is also readily available. The university's commitment to enhancing the learning experience of its students is evident through its section dedicated to continuing education.

An insight into student life at Rutgers-New Brunswick is provided under the sections 'Student Housing and Dining', 'Student Activities', and 'Athletics'. These provide details about accommodation, various campus activities and athletic programs. Additional areas of student life such as arts and culture, beyond the classroom activities, health and wellness, and campus safety are also well documented.

Additionally, the website offers a detailed view of Rutgers' research landscape. It showcases information on undergraduate research, graduate, and postdoctoral research. Furthermore, it houses a directory of the university's research centers and institutes, along with the latest research news.

The admissions and tuition section is a helpful tool for prospective students and their parents, covering information on costs, financial aid, and how to visit for tours. It's supported by the 'Scarlet Guarantee', a program that aids in understanding the university's commitment to affordability.

Overall, the Rutgers-New Brunswick website proves an informative and comprehensive guide to prospects and existing members of the university community alike.