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One of the most popular games in the world is soccer. However, a web directory look at popular sports in the United States shows that soccer has still not really caught on in America yet. The professional soccer league in America is working hard to bring the game to more people in the United States, and as they continue to bring big name soccer stars to play on American teams they are hoping the game catches on with the rest of the population.

The very odd thing is that soccer is extremely popular with children and colleges, but professional soccer still seems to have a problem catching on in the United States. The professional soccer league in America is hoping to harness that enthusiasm for amateur soccer and have that apply to professional soccer. It is not unlike the evolution of American football almost 100 years ago. American football was only popular as a college game until the National Football League stepped in and raised football to a high level of popularity as a professional sport.

Soccer is played by people all over the world, and even in the poorest countries of the world there are children kicking a soccer ball in the streets. When it comes to sports soccer is an international language that most countries readily understand. Soccer reaches across all age and economic barriers and can bring together all kinds of people under one sports flag.Although people (and young men especially) are particularly fond of soccer, they seem to want to stick to the level of amateur soccer players, instead of going forward and practice in order to become professional players. Soccer is basically the same thing with football, it consists in two teams of eleven players each, trying to score as many goals as they possibly can. In order to score, the players must hit the ball in such way that it will reach into the gate.

The only difference between football and soccer is the fact that while the American football uses an ellipsoidal ball, soccer uses a spheric ball, the game rules being the same (also known as the Laws of the Game). It is reminded as being a top rule the fact that nobody is allowed to touch the sphere with their hands except for the goalkeeper that can use whatever techniques he knows in order to prevent the opposite team from scoring a goal. Not to forget that the medical services are highly important during a football match, because serious injuries that may occur can endanger the lives of the players.

Whether you like football or soccer, is the right place to be if you are looking for information about your favourite team or your favourite players. Here you can find listed some of the most important official team websites and therefore you can find in a couple of minutes all you need to know instead of browsing over the Internet.

Soccer has also developed a reputation for having some of the most brutal fans of any sport in the world. It seems like every year there are stories of soccer fans injuring, or even killing, other soccer fans over the results of a game.

Soccer fans are known to riot in stadiums when something on the field does not go their team's way, and there are instances of many soccer fans getting hurt in stadium riots. The ironic thing about soccer is that it is one of the least violent team games in the world that seems to have some of the most violent fans.


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