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  • Consensio Holidays
    Operates luxury ski chalets in the French Alps and offers summer villas for rent in Saint Tropez. Fully bonded member of ABTA.

  • Alpine Adventures EP
    Separate and crowd tours for any level skier, to ski terminuses throughout the globe. Likewise deals travel facilities such as airfare, rental cars, relocations, lift permits, ski rentals, ski classes and other concierge facilities.

  • EP
    Snow information for over 180 resorts worldwide, and more, a searchable archive of chronological information, and online Ski Shops. Target to give customers the added worth of knowledge and local acquaintance of the key ski resorts, and likewise to certify you have an agreeable booking experience and ski trip.

  • Coleman Ski Tours EP
    Worldwide travel corporation established in 1979. Have agreements with all main airlines, cruise lines, and a huge amount of quality properties all over the world. Partake direct information of the most wanted terminuses, with associates and personnel through the globe.

  • Deep Powder Tours Japan EP
    Bargains ski and snowboarding trips to Hokkaido, Japan. Covers data on snow settings, maps, accommodation, and overall specifics about Japan. Book a tour online. Grounded in Australia. Experts in cabin and lodging in ski resorts.

  • If You Ski EP
    UK founded travel agency with offers to Europe and the U.S. Efforts on encouraging other tour operator's offers. Delivers chalet and hotel ski holiday offers from main and professional ski tour operatives. You can browse snow news, webcams and resorts segments to enquiry international ski and snow data.

  • EP
    UK established business posing catered chalets, self-catered apartments, hotels and lodges in resorts international. View pictures, weather, ski charts and lift pass fees as well as further holiday, cruise and leasing choices.

  • Michigan Skiing and Ski Resorts
    Includes more than 40 resort areas of downhill skiing. It also includes Bed and Breakfasts, Campgrounds and RV Parks, and Vacation Rentals.

  • Mogul Ski World EP
    Focusses in resorts in Canada, USA, Europe and Japan. Covers data on snow settings, maps, housing, and overall facts about Japan. Book a tour online. Grounded in Australia. Personalized single and group ski holiday.

  • New England Ski Museum EP
    The New England Museum holds a wide collection of historical ski equipment, clothing, film, photographs, literature, and artwork in the East. Grants a timeline of the progress of skiing from its early roots up till the arrival of the shaped ski in the 1990s, and contains local features of ski history with nationwide associations.

  • New Zealand Ski Net EP
    Source for New Zealand skiing and boarding data with links to ski zones, snow and weather reports, and photos. Comprehensive guide to New Zealand ski areas, snow reports and New Zealand skiing and snowboarding.

  • O.H International EP
    Ski and snowboard holiday offers and trips to ski resorts in Hakuba, Nagano and Hokkaido Japan. Covers data on snow settings, maps, lodging, and common facts about Japan. English ski or snowboard classes, snow news, oversize ski gear.

  • Powder Drop EP
    7 day snow and ski weather prediction for northwest U.S. highlands and resorts. Contains temperature and wind prognoses. Devoted to linking snow riders. Highlighting hourly snow reports, news, photo galleries, gear reviews, and a backcountry gear shop.

  • Ski NH: New Hampshire Skiing and Snowboarding
    Lists ski resorts, winter deals, and a trip planner. The trip planner includes a travel guide, lodging and dining sites, and non-skiing activities.

  • Ski Resort Vacations
    The vacation planner on this site lists deals, lodging, lift ticket information, etc. It also includes items such as lessons and equipment rentals.

  • Skiing West Virginia
    Offers statewide skiing information at their listed resorts, as well as ski reports and opportunities for snow tubing and snowboarding.

  • Snowcapped Tours
    Offers heliskiing, snow tour and ski packages to all the major snow resorts in Japan, Canada, Europe, US and Australia. You can find information about the various resorts, accommodation options as well as ratings of the facilities (including shopping) and information about the resorts (including distance from the airport and snowfall), as well as special offers and discounts.

  • SoftSki EP
    Collaborative ski ranking system. Permits searches by country, dates of race, and by skier ID. Likewise offers statistics source data and the principle for the ranking calculation. The system works on private internet server.

Skiing Web Directory

In a web directory of the Winter Olympic Games you will find that many of the most popular events involve skiing. Skiing events such as ski jumping, slalom skiing, and cross country skiing usually draw some of the largest crowds at the Olympic Games. The truly great skiers of the world go on to become international celebrities, and they are often recognized all over the world. Skiing is a little difficult for everyone to have access to mostly because of the need for snow. But some of the best ski resorts in the world are located high in the mountains of some of the world's hottest places, and many people all over the world enjoy skiing.

For most people skiing is something they have seen on television and have never tried or never seen in person. Skiing can be a very exciting televised event, and it is also extremely exciting to watch in person. It is difficult to truly appreciate the speeds these professional skiers attain, and the skill needed to navigate the different courses, until you have seen it in person. It is also difficult to truly respect the skill and athletic prowess needed to become a skier until you have tried it yourself.Skiing is the most known and practiced winter sport. Due to the fact that more and more people want to learn how to practice skiing, schools and instructors that deal with this began to accept three or four years old children, saying that this is the best way of becoming a professional skier. Although this sport is a very dangerous one especially for beginners, parents seem to be accepting the idea and let their kids go to skiing schools. Here they firstly learn how to use the boots and skis and after that they can enjoy this sport for real.

For the past few years, there were invented skiing competitions for people with disabilities and they managed to complete the tracks surprisingly good, although there were many risks of injury that could put their life in danger. It is known that skiing was firstly used by the prehistorical men when they went on haunting, evidence of ancient skis made of wood were found very well preserved.

Since skiing is becoming more and more popular, the Internet is one of the main places where new skiers are trying to find information related to professional skiing equipment as well as the potential threats that may occur when practicing this sport such as avalanches. Web directories are a very reliable source of accurate and relevant info, especially when it comes to tournaments.

Skiing is actually very inexpensive and easy to try for yourself if you ever feel the urge. The only problem may be in finding a ski resort near you. But if you have a ski resort you can get to, then try it for a weekend and see for yourself how difficult skiing can really be.

Most resorts allow you to rent all the equipment you need to ski, and the cost to ski is not nearly as expensive as people sometimes think it may be. You can even decide to take a lesson or two so that you do not get hurt the first time you really try skiing. In order to appreciate something you must experience it first, and that is very true of skiing.