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From the very beginning it needs to be noted that real martial arts is not about beating people up. The end result of martial arts is usually beating someone up, but the focus of real martial arts is not about how much you can beat up another person. Take a look at a web directory of the different martial arts and you will find a long list of names. There are many martial arts, but the core principles and focus of studying any martial art is the same. The difference is in the philosophy that is used, and the process used to attain more martial arts knowledge.

Martial arts are about discipline, control, and focus. It is about the ability to discipline yourself not only to control your anger and avoid the temptation to lose control of yourself, but also to know your own abilities. With discipline you are also taught to never under-estimate an opponent, and you are given the necessary tools to evaluate any situation.

Control is about maintaining your composure during any crisis situation. People in crisis tend to panic, and when we panic that is when we make mistakes and bad decisions. With martial arts there is a intense focus on control and maintaining that control at all times. No matter how much stronger or faster you are than an opponent, if you allow yourself to lose control than you could easily be at that opponent's mercy. The ability to maintain control is critical to any martial art.Being a martial arts master is not something easy to achieve. This is why it takes years of practice before you can consider yourself a martial arts master and teach this technique to others who are eager to learn. As said before, the purpose is not to beat up everybody that comes in your way while walking on the street, but to defend yourself or anybody else in extreme situations and prevent being hurt or even killed by burglars or violent people. Due to the fact that martial arts are so complex and require so much dedication, some of the people that practice these arts see it as something that needs far more attention than given now.

When talking about the fighting techniques used in martial arts, there are many. Some of them involve punching, kicking and throwing that are just as painful as they sound. The Chinese people that practice martial arts are the best masters that a beginner can have because China is the place where it all started, although martial arts are said to be a blend of techniques from both India and China.

To sum up, is the right place for you to be if you are a beginner and you would like to know more about this sport before taking martial arts classes. Web directories display links to pages containing the best information, and this is why a good web directory is like a gold mine for every newbie.

Martial arts teach you to focus only on those things that are important and necessary. By blocking out the things that do not matter in a situation, you are better able to evaluate a situation and find a suitable outcome. Focus also means being able to focus all of your energy in the right way to ensure a desirable outcome. These are the principles of martial arts.


  • Swift Kick Marital Arts
    A self defense and applied martial arts education program based in San Diego and Carlsbad. SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego is not the typical martial arts gym or school. Our unique self-defense classes focus on an approach that blends the best of mixed martial arts and combat self-defense to teach a highly functional and dynamic martial arts system.

  • Experience Martial Arts
    Allows future and existent martial art lovers to come in and create their very own space. They also provide a martial arts directory, as well as a way to learn about different martial arts styles.

  • Premier Martial Arts
    Offers information pertaining to locations, programs, and bios on premier fighters.