Hookah.org is a comprehensive online resource for hookah and shisha enthusiasts, providing a wealth of guides, product reviews, and practical tips for the community. The site covers a wide range of hookah-related topics, providing user-friendly knowledge on various aspects of hookah use, including heat management, coal placement and problem fixing tips when your hookah is not smoking well.

One of the key features of Hookah.org is its interactive platform, which allows users to leave comments on the articles, fostering an engaging conversation amongst the hookah community. This feature adds depth to the content as it allows for the exchange of firsthand experiences and tips related to shisha and hookah use.

In terms of content, the site provides detailed guides on making homemade shisha tobacco and practical tips for achieving optimum smoking conditions such as understanding the ideal water level for the hookah base and achieving the coldest hookah smoke. These are pertinent topics for both amateur and seasoned hookah smokers, making the site a useful hub for hookah enthusiasts at various stages of their journey.

The site also delves into the nuanced aspects of hookah smoking, like the top etiquettes involved in this social activity. This highlights Hookah.org's commitment to providing their audience with a comprehensive understanding of the hookah practice. Users can anticipate learning more than just the functional aspects of hookah use; hookah smoking is presented as a comprehensive experience, something that goes beyond the act of smoking itself.

Topics that are slightly more technical but essential for dedicated hookah smokers such as identifying the ideal size for a hookah bowl and understanding when to use aluminum foil or a metal screen for the hookah bowl- are also discussed on the site. This in-depth coverage reinforces the site's role as a go-to guide for those interested in mastering their hookah set-up.

On the downside, while the site contains detailed articles on various topics, it could benefit from a more structured navigation interface, making it easier for visitors to find specific topics.

Verdict: Hookah.org is a reliable online resource for hookah enthusiasts seeking to deepen their understanding of hookah and shisha use. Its wide range of content, active comment section, and dedication towards providing comprehensive guides make it an engaging and informative platform for users to enhance their hookah experience. The site, however, would benefit from a more straightforward navigation system to enable a more efficient search for specific topics.