is a comprehensive online platform catering to all things golf. The platform features a variety of different sections dedicated to different aspects of the sport, providing a wealth of information for golf enthusiasts and professionals alike. specializes in golf instruction, equipment, courses, travel, and news. It covers a wide array of topics, constantly updated, making it a central hub for golf-related content. It's particularly notable for its coverage of prestigious events like the Ryder Cup where it provides detailed and timely updates, player information, and match analysis.

One key benefit of is its instructional content. It features various golf instructions ranging from all swing sequences, driving approach shots, to short games and putting. This wide spectrum of instructions caters to everyone from beginners to advanced players looking to refine their skills. The platform also boasts a certification directory with a list of all instructors and fitness trainers, an excellent resource for users interested in broadening their golf knowledge or improving their fitness for the game.

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For user interaction, the website allows account creation and subscription to Golf Digest Plus, which may provide users with further benefits. Users can easily log in or out from the website and have access to The Loop, a feature providing various information on ongoing developments in the golf world. This includes content like podcast episodes, gambling tips and videos, also hosting special content like 'The Tiger Vault'. additionally offers options to subscribe to their newsletter and access their extensive archive, containing rich historical data and past articles that users may find informative and enjoyable.

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