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USA Football includes a comprehensive range of football-related activities. Key offerings range from the Flag Football Tournaments to the Football Development Model. There is a distinct emphasis on development and training as the organization offers youth tackling and a contact system. They also provide tackling systems, coach certification courses and clinics as part of their developmental and training programs.

Other programs include an enrollment league excellence program covering a variety of football formats such as flag football (non-contact), limited contact, and tackle football (contact). USA Football extensively covers events such as the Blitz The One Flag Tournaments and Championship, the 2023 IFAF Americas Championship, and the Adult Elite Championship Series, among others.

In addition to its various football programs, USA Football is committed to recognizing excellent performance and contributions to the sport. Awards such as the USA Football Awards and Heart of a Giant celebrate these achievements. Additionally, the organization remains current with technology and interactive options, offering a range of virtual engagement opportunities.

Overall, USA Football presents an extensive mix of football programs and events. The organization also aims for inclusivity, as seen in events like the Junior International Cup and the Women's Tackle National Team. Lastly, USA Football provides ongoing opportunities for sports development and enhancement through training sessions, certification courses, and other related programs.