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Football Web Directory

American football is challenging baseball to be called the great American game. The National Football League is one of the most successful sports leagues in North America, and the annual Super Bowl championship draws hundreds of millions of television viewers from all over the world. NFL champions are recognized as the best football players in the world, and a web directory search of the highest rated television shows in history will show that the Super Bowl makes up a respectable portion of that list.

There is a discipline involved in playing football that many people that are unfamiliar with the game do not understand. Football is often called the sport of the gladiators, and it is known as a very violent contact sport. In order to succeed in football, you need to be able to understand that hitting is part of the game and to react appropriately. The violence in football is very organized and planned, and the fact that spontaneous violence rarely erupts during a football game is a credit to the people that play the game and the coaches that teach them.Football is the favourite sport of all men. It is not hard to play football, everybody can play it from amateurs that do it in front of their houses to professional football players that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for just doing what they like. As usual, just like all the other sports football may vary from one country to another, for instance there is the American football who uses an ellipsoidal ball, while the European football uses a perfectly round ball. The only thing that doesn`t change is that the purpose of the players is to hit the ball in order to score, not being allowed to touch it with their hands, as well as the number of battling teams: 2.

Rugby is also a form of football although not everybody is familiar with this thing. For the first time, a game similar to football was mentioned during the Roman empire, when Romans used to play a sort of game that basically had the same rules with the football we know today. One thing is for sure: football has evolved very much since the very beginning until now, and it is very likely for it to continue to develop and extend in the near future.

Web directories are very useful to football fans if they want to purchase hemlets, leggings or spikes. Moreover, if you would like to find discussion boards and communicate with other fans of your favourite team, can be very useful in providing you with links to some of the most important international forums.

In America, football is part of a person's life at a very young age. There are organized football leagues for very small children that teach the children the sportsmanship necessary to play football at higher levels. Children are taught how to work as a team, and how to do the job that is expected of them.

Football is a true team sport, and no one person can succeed without the rest of their team doing their jobs. Football is an excellent way to teach children the importance of teamwork. Football is also an excellent way to teach children how important sportsmanship is not only in winning a game, but also in succeeding in every day life.