We're the Ninja Brick team and we're passionate about LEGO. Our independent website has been created as a hub for LEGO fans around the globe who want to catch up on all the latest news and announcements.

The User Interface

The overall look of Ninja Brick is simple. I wouldn't say there's anything special about it. It looks pretty much like any normal website you'd visit today. At the top of the website, there's the banner of the site with their logo. At the top right corner of the site are a collection of social media links that you can click on to share the site on your favorite social media. Immediately after the banner is the site's main navigation or main menu, and following that is the main content of the page. This arrangement is uniform across all web pages on the site. Be that as it may, after the main menu of the site, the main content of most of the pages is on the left side of the site and then on the right, there is an aside that hints at other items you may want to check out.

Information! Information! Information!

If there's one thing I found very impressive about the website is the wealth of information available about LEGO. On it, there's information on almost every set there ever was and there are tons of guides for various sets.

If you check out the "Sets Database" page (click the Sets Database main menu item), you'll find an interface that enables you to search and learn about sets from way back in the 1970s. Very few people may have sets that go way back, but that goes to show you just what big AFOLs those behind the website are and the wealth of knowledge they possess regarding sets and the franchise. Building structures is fun and sometimes it can be challenging figuring where things will go, or coming up with something new and authentic. Nonetheless, Ninja Brick is meant to show you where to stack each brick as well as inspire you to come up with really amazing and creative structures.


The website is simple. The only fancy thing I've noticed on it is the animations on the photos used on it. It has a lot of photos depending on the nature of a page. Considering the simplicity of the website, its pages load fast. Even the pages with the most images, like the home page, load quite fast. Moreover, the website is responsive, which means all AFOLs can access it on whatever device they please, regardless of its screen size, and still appreciate a good user experience.

Business address

United Kingdom