Marketing for Aviation Websites

There is no more liberating feeling that soaring above the clouds and being able to look down on the rest of the planet as though it were some colorful map on the wall of a library. That feeling is even more intense when you are flying the plane yourself. Taking up the hobby of aviation may seem dangerous and expensive, but the rewards received when you take to the sky far outweigh any kind of cost you may incur. The first thing you need to do is to find a certified and capable instructor to teach you how to fly, and then you need to be patient as you go through all of the necessary lessons before you start to do your own solo flights. Understanding all aspects of flying before you try it yourself is extremely important.

It is not necessary to own a plane if you want to fly occasionally. There are many people at small airports all over the country that would gladly rent a plane to you for a reasonable cost. But if you want to fly your own plane whenever you want, then you need to take the step and buy one. To help decrease costs you can have someone buy a small plane with you, and the two of you can split all the costs associated with owning and storing the plane. Remember that an airport will charge you a monthly fee to store and maintain your plane for you, so be prepared for those costs as well. You can find most local airports listed in any convenient web directory.Becoming an aviator or an astronaut is the dream of every child. Children grow up and some of them maintain their dreams of conquering the sky, so they go for aviation. It is not easy to be a student at the aviation academy, but everything seems easier when your desires are above learning. However, aviation does not only suppose using an aircraft, an aviator must know every single component of the aircraft that he is piloting as well as the basic information about how to repair damage that may occur when flying.

Since being a pilot is not an easy job, pilots that are addicted to aviation must read many books and retain information properly. When talking about the aircrafts that the aviation used and still use, we have helicopters, airplanes, zeppelins and others. The types of aicrafts vary according to the type of aviation that a pilot is going for, whether it is civil or military aviation. There is a whole glossary of terms for pilots to be familiar with before going on their first flight.

All in all, the Internet can be very useful for new pilots or freshmen in the aviation academy. Glossaries, information, online guides and even games with tutorials that teach you how to be a good pilot are available. Web directories list such sort of websites that offer precise information to whoever is interested in piloting and aviation, and it is easier to search in a web directory instead of surfing on the Internet.

It does not matter who owns the plane or how long it takes you to learn to fly it, when the day is done all that matters is that you took to the skies and had that supreme feeling of freedom that so few people ever get to experience. Always avoid having passengers until you are confident in your ability to fly, and never plan on flying for long distances until you understand everything you need to know to make the trip as safe as possible.


    This site is envisioned as a primary gathering place for pilots who want to encounter other pilots for the resolution of co-ownership of an airliner. It permits not only present holders to sell dividends of their airliner but non owners to group together and acquisition a new or used aircraft with their joint procurement power.

  • Aviation Safety Network
    A list of the latest airplane crashes and what's being done to keep aviation safe.

  • Free Online Aeronautical Charts
    Created by a web developer who was learning to fly. Internet terminus for aeronautical charts. A forum was added to permit users to deliberate site usage and features and flying in general. SkyVector is not an authorized source of flight data and should not be used as a navigation tool.

  • NOAA's National Weather Service- Aviation Weather Center
    Provides timely and accurate weather information regarding aviation.

  • PilotJohn Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
    New and used aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) with personal service for your aviation department throughout the world.

  • Red Box Aviation
    Manufacturers and suppliers of a range of aviation and ground support equipment, including aircraft tugs, ground power units, aircraft maintenance tools, aviation tool kits and tool control systems.

  • Rising Up Aviation
    Aircraft performance database. Performance data on over 500 common aviation aircraft. Dialogue to colleague pilots, student pilots, give or get advices. Images of aircrafts. An indexed and cross-referenced databank of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Indexed and searchable record of aviation links. Rehearsal private pilot and instrumented exams.

  • Tak-off
    Easy-to-use, merely click the start & end time slots you need. Reserve both an aircraft and an tutor at the same time. Outlook the agenda by week, aircraft, instructors, or a custom view. Unrestricted number of aircraft can be structure. Participant list with contact info that can be disabled. Protected system, password secure. Online help system.

  • The CFI
    This web site is upheld by qualified CFIs who educate in the industry leading Flight Instructor Refresher Clinics (FIRCs) countrywide. This site is used as a tool in their tutorial room and provided as a service to the flight training business. There are numerous subject areas listed that are rapidly and simply to explore. Presently link over 100 sites that are of concern to the CFI.

  • Women in Aviation
    A non-profit organization that offers scholarships for women that are pursuing a career in aviation.