ShopHQ is an online boutique shopping platform that offers an extensive range of products including jewelry, watches, and accessories. They offer a user-friendly website with simple navigation features for comfortable online shopping experiences. The site boasts an assortment of jewelry including basic chains, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. They also showcase various specialty shops such as the Italian Jewelry, Jewelry Storage, and Last Call Gemstone Jewelry stores that aim to cater to unique customer preferences and needs.

ShopHQ carries a broad array of branded jewelry products including Stefano Oro 24K Gold with Lambert Cheng, Cevherun 24K Gold, Dallas Prince Designs, EFFY, Galerie de Bijoux, and many others. They also feature other brands such as Gem Treasures, Gems of Distinction, Morris and David, and Samuel B Artisan Silver, among others. This showcases the variety of their catalog and their effort to accommodate a wide array of tastes and preferences.

The platform also enables customers to shop by material, presenting options including diamond, gold, moissanite, pearl, sterling silver, turquoise, and others. This feature provides customers with convenience and flexibility, allowing them to easily find and select products fitting their specific preferences and needs.

In addition to jewelry, ShopHQ also includes a wide selection of watches in their catalog. They present category options such as Accessories and Storage, As-Is Watches Sale, Automatic watches, and Best Sellers, among others.

ShopHQ also offers featured specials and events which include September's Birthstone: Sapphire, Clearance items, New Arrivals, and Web Exclusives. These features provide customers with opportunities for deals and unique finds.

Verdict: ShopHQ is an extensive online boutique shopping platform, offering a broad selection of product options that cater to a large variety of customer needs and preferences. Their various features, including brand, material, as well as specials and events selections, provide customers with a convenient and efficient online shopping experience.