Game of Thrones, as detailed in its comprehensive Wikipedia entry, is a seminal television series praised and criticized in equal measure. The premise of the show, its multilayered plot, diverse cast, and themes are highlighted in the first section of the Wikipedia page. The series is notably commended for drawing inspiration from an array of sources and creating complex narratives brimming with political intrigue, ethical dilemmas, and the struggle for power.

Diving into the creation and development of the series, the Production section of the content underscores the meticulous attention to detail required in its making. The casting process, intricate writing, and detailed adaptation schedule make it clear as to why the series has managed to captivate such a vast international audience. The geographical diversity of the filming locations had significant effects on the localities which were transformed into fantastical worlds abounding in the show.

The series' direction, production design, and visual effects are also spotlighted in the entry. The composition of the iconic title sequence and the inventive language creation contribute to the show's unique identity. The mention of the soundtrack suggests that music plays a pivotal role in shaping the series' atmospheric intensity.

As per the Wikipedia entry, availability of the series is broad. The show was distributed through traditional broadcasting patterns, and was also made available through home media and a plethora of streaming platforms, illuminating its extensive reach. However, it is worth noting that it has faced issues of copyright infringement.

The Reception section of the entry presents a balanced view of the show. Critics have lauded it for its storytelling and character development, whereas concerns have been raised over its depiction of violence and sex. The unique atmospheric lighting used in the series has also garnered attention. The series' potent cultural impact, facilitated by its ardent fandom, its impressive awards tally, and the enormous viewership it commanded, also find mention.

The Other Media section indicates that the Game of Thrones franchise expanded into video games and merchandise, a testament to its global adoration. Interesting insights are provided into offshoots and successors of the original series, like Bloodmoon, House of The Dragon, and animated series, indicating that the Game of Thrones universe continues to be expanded and explored.

In conclusion, the Wikipedia entry provides an exhaustive account of the multifaceted Game of Thrones universe, showcasing its creative genius, the challenges it encountered, and the cultural sensation it became. Despite its perceived shortcomings, the series emerges as a benchmark in television storytelling.