This review pertains to a business that offers television production services, primarily serving as a coordinator for filming in various locations. Their assortment of operations extends across Paris, France, the entirety of Europe, and even reaches Africa's vast terrain.

The company specializes in coordinating photography shooting for television programs, providing location coordination as well as ENG (electronic news-gathering) shooting, thus catering to the logistical aspects that production demands. This wide-ranging service list demonstrates an impressive breadth of capabilities, providing value to the various needs of television productions. They prove to be a vital resource in the ever-evolving landscape of television production, from initial concept development to panoramic cinematography and everything in-between.

Aside from these fundamental elements of their business, they also possess skills in international location coordination and offer director services for overseas locations. Given the complexities associated with the coordination of international shoots, studios can rely on them for a stress-free and streamlined experience, thus enhancing their production quality and easing the coordination process.

The business has a wide geographical footprint encompassing not only France and Paris but also locations like Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, and more. This extensive range implies their ability to cater to a wide array of shooting requirements and adapt to different cultural contexts, which can significantly benefit production companies looking for diverse filming locations.

Moreover, their offering expands beyond Europe, reaching locations in Africa, taking on the challenge of coordinating in a whole other continent with different terrains, cultures, and production environment. This further highlights their capability to navigate diverse and potentially complex filming situations, serving as a reliable partner for international coordination and shooting.

Verdict: this business is ideally suited for production companies seeking comprehensive coordination services, especially those with international shooting needs. With their extensive global reach and a plethora of services, they can contribute significantly to the smooth running of television productions in diverse locations. Their expertise in managing logistics combined with their adaptive services make them a valuable asset to any TV production project.

Business address

Excelman Productions
67, rue Traversiere,

Contact details

Phone: +33-1-5578-2700