Rivals is part of the Yahoo brand family, together with other prominent brands such as AOL and the digital advertising service, Yahoo Advertising. As part of its services, Rivals, along with other Yahoo family brands, owns and operates various websites and applications.

Rivals utilizes cookie technologies to store and access information on the users' devices. The primary aim is to provide users with its websites and applications, ensure user authenticity, apply security measures, prevent spam and abuse, and measure the user's usage of their sites and apps. This practice aligns with the company's cookie policy and is in place to enhance the user's experience.

In addition to this, Rivals seeks to use cookies and personal data such as the IP address, exact location, and browsing and search data to display advertisements and personalized content based on interest profiles. This process helps measure the effectiveness of advertisements and customized content which in turn guides the development and improvement of the products and services they provide to their users.

For users who prefer not to have their cookies and personal data used for these additional purposes, Rivals provides the option to reject all cookie usage and personal data collection. This allows users to have some flexibility and control over how their data is used while they interact with the websites and applications owned and operated by Rivals and its family brands.

In conclusion, Rivals, as part of the Yahoo brand family, operates under a comprehensive data policy to manage its websites and applications. The policy includes the use of cookies for multiple purposes aimed at improving user experience, enhancing security, personalizing content, and effectively advertising. Yet, it also acknowledges user consent and provides options for those who prefer not to participate. Users should remain aware of these terms when using Rivals' services.