SportsManias is a leading company specializing in sports emojis and Augmented Reality (AR) effects. Catering to fan passion for various sports, the company elevates the experience of mobile messaging and social media stories. They are recognized as official Emoji, Sticker, and AR Developers for various sports and entertainment entities.

The company is known for crafting AR effects and filters that bring to life favorite athletes, celebs, and significant moments in sports and entertainment. This allows users to enhance their digital communication with memorable sports instances. Committed to enhancing fan passion, they are instrumental in providing innovative ways for fans to express their zeal online.

Furthermore, SportsManias has made a credible mark in the arena of emojis. With their belief that emojis are worth a thousand words, the company designs sports-related emojis to help fans express their passion digitally. The SportsManias emoji collections are boundless and encompass football emojis, basketball emojis, baseball emojis, and soccer emojis. They have also developed partnership emojis such as NFL Players Association Emojis, USWNT Players Association Emojis, MLS Players Association Emojis, and College Football Emojis among others. There are also emojis commemorating holidays and seasons for a varied collection.

In addition to emojis and AR effects, SportsManias extends its portfolio to include partnerships and offers opportunities to collaborate. The company provides ways for individuals to contact them for collaborations, including providing an email for direct contact. Underpinning their operations is a reputable app company with its offerings, press information, and career opportunities detailed on their website. Their commitment to privacy is evident in the published privacy policy available to all users and curious parties.

Overall, SportsManias is an innovative company at the intersection of sports, mobile messaging, and social media. Through its myriad of offerings, including emojis, AR effects, and partnerships, SportsManias has substantially impacted the way fans express their passion and has revolutionized digital communication in the sports sphere.