The Elias Sports Bureau is widely recognized in the sports world for its extensive historical knowledge and expertise in sports statistics. With over 110 years of experience maintaining the accuracy and integrity of sports statistics, Elias has built substantial credibility and trust among its client base, which includes at least eight major sports leagues that rely on its service as their official statistician.

Elias goes beyond mere data recording. It takes pride in bringing life to bare statistics, providing context and depth to each player's performance and team's achievements. The Bureau's ability to seamlessly connect the past with the present underscores their research's rich historical nature, painting a comprehensive picture of different sports eras and competitions.

Previously led by Seymour Siwoff, who served as the Company's leader from 1952 to 2019, Elias introduced innovative checks and balances systems and standardized data verification methodologies under his helm. Notably, Siwoff was known for bringing precision and clarity to statistics akin to a trained accountant. Today, while Elias has embraced technology for data collection,they remain committed to their pre-internet roots, striving to go beyond automated data feeds to maintain accuracy.

Official statistics provided by Elias have far-reaching implications. They can influence league business decisions, shape player contracts, and update official record books. As such, Elias perceives its role as a statistician as involving a burden of accuracy that surpasses any other sports institution. However, it accepts this challenge with a sense of pride, viewing it less as a burden and more as an indispensable commitment to service, integrity, and reliability.

In its 110-year history, Elias has notably weathered an array of challenges alongside its league partners, including two global pandemics a century apart, multiple market fluctuations, and numerous rules and statistics controversies. These experiences have not only highlighted the Bureau's resilience but also deepened its understanding of league regulations and sports dynamics. Consequently, Elias Sports Bureau's constant presence in the continually evolving sports world is a testament to its durability, adaptability, and commitment to reliable service.