Oregon Local News provides up-to-date coverage on a range of regional, environmental, and sports stories. The outlet covers a breadth of issues, from legal and financial news on a state-level, to poignant reports on public health crises.

One area of notable coverage by Oregon Local News revolves around the economic development in the state. It reported details about the Oregon attorney general's office joining a lawsuit against the Environment Protection Agency over wood-burning stove standards. Additionally, it has covered positive financial news such as Oregon's predictions of a $40 billion semiconductors windfall and more than 6,000 new job opportunities. It provides updates on various companies receiving state grants and loans to facilitate their expansion plans in Oregon.

Oregon Local News has also demonstrated its commitment to covering high-profile visitors. Notably, it reported on former president Barack Obama's discreet visit to Nike's headquarters. The publication didn't hesitate to delve into ethics-related concerns as well, as it highlighted potential sanctions state officials might face over Amazon data centers' tax breaks and land deals.

Public health issues, which have considerable social implications, receive significant attention from Oregon Local News. It reported on a distressing string of suspected fentanyl overdoses among children in Portland since mid-June. Additionally, this issue was expanded upon through a separate, individual story of a 15-year-old girl dying of a suspected fentanyl overdose.

Unafraid to cover tragic news, Oregon Local News reports on local criminal activities. It covered a homicide that ended a 30-day stretch without any recorded homicides in Portland, alongside a broader story documenting the longest streak without homicides in the city for years.

In the field of education, Oregon Local News shared comprehensive reports on matters concerning both students and teachers. It discussed a delayed vote by the Oregon board to freeze graduation requirements for math and reading owing to pushback. The news outlet also covered a potential strike looming in Portland Public Schools, underlining a significant $200 million financial gap between the district and its teachers' union.

Overall, Oregon Local News is a diligent source for comprehensible and relevant updates, spanning a wide scope of topics from financial moves, public health, crime, to educational policy matters. With this range, it caters to various interests of the public and provides them with information that affects their daily lives.