Orlando Sentinel is a comprehensive media outlet that provides a myriad of news and information to the Orlando area. Their coverage spans from local news to broader national headlines, maintaining a focus on areas such as politics, education, and various county-centric news. This ensures that readers are kept up to date with both the happenings in their immediate vicinity, as well as larger, potentially impactful events on a national scale.

Apart from general news, the Orlando Sentinel also offers extensive coverage in sports, ranging from high school level to professional teams. Specific columns are dedicated to sports like UCF Knights, Orlando Magic, and Florida Gators, providing comprehensive analysis, commentaries and updates which keeps the sports enthusiasts well-informed.

In addition, the business sector is another prime focus of the Orlando Sentinel. Content dedicated to tourism, economy, real estate, and consumer reviews gives readers a broad outlook on current and emerging market trends. Such information can prove valuable to those in the business field or those simply interested in the economic state of affairs.

Moreover, Orlando Sentinel also provides its readers with updates on the weather, including conditions, forecasts and special sections on hurricanes. This is extremely relevant for the location, as it helps keep readers prepared and informed about potentially severe weather conditions.

Another striking feature is the Opinion section. It contains letters to the editor, commentary, and editorials, offering a platform for readers to express their views and engage in stimulating discussions.

The Entertainment section is equally robust, covering theater and arts, events, food and drink, travel, and even horoscopes, catering to a wide array of interests. Furthermore, Orlando Sentinel includes a practical obituaries section where users can browse listings and plan an obituary.

The Orlando Sentinel offers convenience through its daily and evening e-Editions, giving readers flexible access to their news whether it's first thing in the morning or later in the evening. Additionally, they have an email subscription service, making it easier for readers to stay updated on topics of their interest.

In conclusion, Orlando Sentinel is a multi-faceted source of information for the Orlando community, offering a generous selection of both broad and specific news categories. The variety of their coverage, combined with their inclusive approach towards their readership, validates their role as a significant media entity within Orlando.