AFP, or Agence France-Presse, faced considerable challenges in 2009. A year marked by a global financial crisis and subsequent economic instability was further complicated for the news agency by significant shifts in the media landscape. Central to these was a notable decline in both standard and classified advertising, parallel to a reticence among readers, impacted by the financial crisis, to purchase their preferred newspapers. Furthermore, internet users only contributed one-tenth of the revenue generated by traditional media audiences.

AFP, however, demonstrated its adaptability and forward-thinking approach in this difficult period. They developed AFP Mobile News, an innovative application that offered users a customizable, media-rich news experience, spanning global headlines to more unusual stories. As part of AFP's broader mobile strategy, this dynamic application was also made available for client customization and re-branding.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed. BlackBerry acknowledged AFP Mobile News as one of the best apps of 2009, and selected it as a finalist in the BlackBerry Developer Challenge. Beyond this recognition, AFP's attempts to navigate changing reader habits and an evolving media economy illustrated their commitment to maintain the value of news. AFP's challenges and their response mark a significant period in the company's history. This dedication to adaptation and growth, along with their efforts to ensure quality news remains accessible and sustainable, underpin AFP's ethos.