OpenDemocracy is a global platform that offers a wide variety of themes including conflict and security, crime, justice, and law, cultural politics, economics, environment, gender and sexuality, health and care, media and communications, migration, politics and activism, racism and xenophobia, and religion and spirituality. It has a dedicated focus on delivering well-researched and insightful content on these topics.

OpenDemocracy also runs several projects like '50.50', 'Beyond Trafficking and Slavery', 'Dark Money Investigations', 'democraciaAbierta', 'Freedom of Information', with 'Live discussions', 'oDR', 'ourEconomy', and 'Podcasts'. These projects cast light on specific issues of importance and public interest, particularly dark money in politics, issues of trafficking and slavery, and economic discussions among others.

Geographically, OpenDemocracy presents a comprehensive coverage of regions including Africa, Central Asia, China, East and South East Asia, Europe, India and South Asia, Israel and Palestine, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Oceania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Readers can select and access news and stories according to their interest in the region.

In addition to all these, interested users can engage with OpenDemocracy through their social media channels available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. For more direct and regular updates, there is an option to subscribe to the OpenDemocracy newsletter. There is also a facility to submit articles, making the platform not just a source of information, but a giant pool of varying perspectives and voices.

Moreover, OpenDemocracy has a selection of useful resources to encourage deeper understanding of the themes it covers. They house unique discussions and podcasts which offer in-depth analysis on a regular basis. OpenDemocracy's commitment to providing clear, and transparent information in a world saturated with misinformation stands out prominently. Their emphasis on covering difficult and often under-reported issues coupled with their global focus gives OpenDemocracy a distinctive and significant place in the international media landscape. They aspire to educate their users in a way that not only informs but prompts action and fosters an informed community.

In conclusion, OpenDemocracy stands as a comprehensive and credible source for global issues with a multitude of resources at disposal for any user looking to understand the bigger picture and the intricate details of worldwide affairs. Their rich content is paired with an easy-to-navigate site, making it an accessible platform for those interested in global issues.