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  • Slashdot: Politics EP
    Provides users with access to threaded discussions that relate to the political scene. Addresses a social category of people who call themselves "nerds".

  • Slugger O'Toole EP
    Offers news, notes and analysis on Northern Ireland's politics and culture. Updated on a regular basis; invites readers to share their opinions by commenting on the various articles.

  • Social Politics EP
    Section of universitary website that specializes in the examination of political systems and cultural institutions through the lens of gender.

  • Southeast European Politics EP
    Website devoted to political science, international relations, contemporary history and other areas of academic research.

  • Stossel
    The show hosted by John Stossel who covers topics related to the economy and government with a focus on the consumer's viewpoint.

  • Talking Points Memo
    Rounding up political news and making it accessible for mass consumption.

  • Talking Points Memo EP
    Provides users with access to political discussions that are hosted on a regular basis by Joshua Micah Marshall.

  • TalkLeft EP
    Provides detailed liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news. Updated on a regular basis, welcomes users to interact and comment on the various articles.

  • The Belgravia Dispatch EP
    Offers analysis and commentary on international politics by Gregory Djerejian, who is an American residing in the capital city of the UK, London.

  • The Caucus EP
    Special section of the newspaper, offers political blogging from the New York Times with daily articles on internal and external politics, as well as political and financial analysis.

  • The Christian Science Monitor
    Source for information that is reasonably balanced between left and right.

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Host Jon Stewart using comedic commentary to talk about current political topics.

  • The Dish EP
    Political website operated by independent journalist Andrew Sullivan provides a daily dish on politics and links to some of his more controversial pieces.

  • The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell
    The program airs on MSNBC at 10 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and premiered in 2010.

  • The Left Coaster EP
    Provides an insight into a different approach and on current events that revolve around the political scene, the involvement of the media in politics, and even commentary on arts and entertainment.

  • The McLaughlin Group
    Weekly political affairs program that covers major political issues in a roundtable format. The show's host John McLaughlin leads a panelists of liberal and conservative news makers who analyze news topics of the week.

  • The Moderate Voice EP
    Offers a politically independent and moderate comments, analysis and links on important stories in the news. Maintained and written by journalist Joe Gandelman.

  • The Nation
    Unabashedly liberal in the take it presents on politics and news.

  • The Rachel Maddow Show
    Debuted in 2008 and airs weeknights on MSNBC at 9 p.m. The shows is said to attract a predominately female audience.

  • The Washington Note EP
    Offers regularly updated commentaries on important public policy issues. Supervized and moderated by Steve Clemons.

  • The Washington Quarterly EP
    The website is, in fact, a detailed journal of international affairs that actively analyzes the global strategic changes and their public policy implications.

  • Think Progress EP
    Politically progressive blog written by spcialists from the Center for American Progress. Updated on a regular basis; invites readers to share their opinions.

  • Thought Mechanics EP
    Works on maintaining people informed about the latest important political events, providing subjective opinions in hopes of creating a more informed citizenry.

    Conservative news, political commentary and analysis.

  • Unqualified Offerings EP
    Political blog written and moderated by Jim Henley, considered to be an influential libertarian.

  • Up with Chris Hayes
    Focuses on the top political news issues of the day and conducts interviews with newsmakers.

  • WatchBlog EP
    Offers political news, opinions and criticism, as well as commentary covering Republican, Democrat and the third party perspectives.

  • Wonkette EP
    Offers a different view on on the political scene of the United States of America. Online roundup of gossip from Washington, D.C. and the U.S. political arena from Ana Marie Cox.

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