Marketing for Political News Websites


  • Face the Nation
    Done in a roundtable format and has been on the air since 1954. The program brings together guests including politicians and international figures to answer tough questions on current political issues.

  • Global Sherpa
    Online political journal that features international analysis of world news, development, globalization, environment issues, foreign policy, and world rankings.

    The website supports the politically conservative faction and focuses on delivering messages of the conservative party to the American voters.

  • HotAir
    Supports the republican views and ideals. Republican political blog Updated with news and articles on a regular basis.

  • InstaPundit
    Provides commentaries on internal and external politics, science studies and discoveries, as well as culture. Moderated and controlled by Glenn Reynolds.

  • Israpundit
    Offers news and views on the political situation in Israel and the Middle East. Analyzes the global political scene and its impact on Israel.

  • Journal of Democracy
    The website is an international forum, where users are invited to conduct scholar political anaysis and compete for democratic viewpoints.

  • Juan Cole: Informed Comment
    Offers news and political analysis on the current situation in the Middle East, history, Islam and religion. Moderated by Juan Cole, professor of History at the University of Michigan.

  • L.A. Observed
    Blog that centers its attention on the Los Angeles media culture and politics; analyzes the connections between the media and the political environment.

  • LaShawn Barber's Corner
    Website formerly known as being liberally supportive; now with changed views and opinions, actively supporting conservative ideals.

  • Lean Left
    The website aims to offer a contribution to liberal and progressive discourse on the web. Openly rejects republican views.

  • Liberal Oasis
    Analyzes politics from a more radical point of view and points out that people are being misinformed in regard to the reality of the national and international political scene.

  • Living Liberally
    Political group that promotes democracy in a different manner. Basically, an informal, inclusive progressive drinking club meeting in bars and pubs across the United States of America.

  • Mmemeorandum
    Offers an insight into the virtual political scene and follows the latest meme of the political and news blogs.

  • Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs
    Offers political analysis and daily rants, as well as analysis of the international political scene. Written and modereated by Pamela Oshry.

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