Instapundit is an information portal providing regular updates on various topics ranging from politics to education. It maintains a regular stream of articles contributed by a group of authors such as Stephen Green, Helen Smith, and Glenn Reynolds, ensuring a continuous flow of content throughout the day.

One of the high visibility topics addressed by Instapundit is national security, notably the NYPD's release of a security robot. Another frequent topic is education, specifically highlighting current challenges in higher education. Mentioned instances include universities such as Harvard, Penn, and Georgetown, which were reportedly ranked dead last for free speech.

Additionally, Instapundit closely follows political developments. For instance, it has featured updates on the alleged incidents involving Commander Biden and the Secret Service agents and issues related to North Korea. These updates include unique, insider perspectives and observations, providing added value to readers.

Apart from national security and political updates, Instapundit also identifies with broad economic matters like the operations of giant retailers. Notably, it reports on Target's decision to close stores in San Francisco and other locations due to theft issues. It provides detailed and up-to-date analysis on the repercussions such decisions have on the overall retail landscape.

In conclusion, Instapundit is a multifaceted information site with diverse coverage on a broad range of subjects that will likely appeal to readers seeking a high-frequency flow of news and perspectives on current events. However, the depth and objectivity of reporting may vary according to the individual contributor's approach or bias. Despite this, it proves to be a valuable resource for those seeking assorted viewpoints on current events.