Crooks and Liars is evidently a progressive news and media platform that provides daily news, insights, and commentary. Targeting a politically-minded audience, it appears to offer its consumers an ad-free experience upon subscription. Featured subjects for discussion are broad and significantly diverse. They range from reflections on key political characters such as GOP representative Lauren Boebert and President Biden, to the exploration of a range of ongoing societal issues.

The platform appears to provide enough breadth in its content scope to appeal to a wide audience interested in progressive news. Chris Capper Liebenthal's articles, for example, give a perspective on notable figures like Biden and Trump, offering contemporaneous and critical analysis of these public figures which may attract a variety of readers, from casual political observers to more dedicated ones.

Besides individual politicians, the site also delves into current events and controversies, such as the actions of Charlie Kirk on abortion or the disputed actions of former President Trump. It also takes a stance on issues unique to the time and presents them to its audience in a digestible manner. That said, content contributors like Conover Kennard, Karoli Kuns, and Frances Langum provide discussion fodder on a variety of subjects, showcasing the platform's intent to capture a wide span of progressive news and ideas.

Moreover, it offers access to its content through multiple social media networks. This extends its outreach and enables greater accessibility of its content to users across different platforms. The 'ad-free' claim also suggests that the articles provided are uninterrupted, enhancing user experience by not having pop-up ads, thus increasing readability.

However, the variety of topics covered could be a double-edged sword, potentially leading to a sense of being overwhelmed for some users. A lack of visible categorization of articles by topic or author may complicate navigation through the site. Regardless, the broad scope of discussed topics suggests an aim to cater to a wide reader base with varying interests within the sphere of progressive thought and politics.

Overall, Crooks and Liars comes across as a comprehensive source for progressive news commentary, promising a range of perspectives on topical events. Its focus on an ad-free user experience lends to an overall pleasing interface and accessibility across multiple social media platforms suggests an intentional approach to reach a wider audience.