The Burnt Orange Report is a Texas-focused online platform that provides insightful posts on the socio-political climate. It is run by a dedicated team with Matt G. as Editor-in-Chief, Phillip M. as Senior Adviser, and multiple featured and guest writers who collectively contribute to a diverse array of articles. This platform is also supported by its founder, Byron L, and the publisher, Karl-Thomas M. The team curates thought-provoking content on several topics, with one of the most poignant pieces being a report written by Todd Hill on the increasing prosperity gap in Texas.

The article was originally published on Christmas Eve in 2007, basing its observations on an expose by The Dallas Morning News. It used compelling imagery and hard statistics to sketch the contours of the widening financial divide plaguing the Lone Star State. Particularly alarming was the information that a child is born into poverty every seven minutes in Texas, contributing to the over one-quarter of the state's children presently living in unfavorable conditions. Furthermore, Texas was ranked 49th in terms of the number of people living in poverty.

The article also underscored the alarming fact that Texas houses three of the country's poorest counties and ranks second when it comes to the overall income gap disparity between the affluent and the impoverished. Another critical issue brought up is that Texas holds the unpleasant distinction of having the highest number of uninsured citizens in the country.

While the uniqueness of the project's idea isn't stated, it gained respect due to the number of people it has reportedly assisted. Overall, Burnt Orange Report not only offers engaging content but also serves as an effective conduit for raising critical social issues and promoting constructive discourse.