ThinkProgress is a progressive news website that covers various topics such as politics, health care, world affairs, immigration, and climate change. Moreover, it sometimes hosts forums and discussions about current social issues. In 2020, ThinkProgress reported that CNN planned an LGBTQ forum, where pivotal issues like the reversal of the ban on transgender troops and the struggles faced by LGBTQ people of color would be raised. Advocates were highlighted as urging the candidates to address these pertinent issues.

Additionally, ThinkProgress provides a platform for discussions about climate change, drawing stark contrasts between different political parties. For instance, they reported on CNN's 7-hour climate forum, noting the key differences among Democrats. Coverage also extends to the political landscape, with regular reflections on poll results, candidate performance, and election strategy.

Recent articles talk about how the Pentagon would divert funds from military schools and day cares in order to build Trump's border wall. The site also reported on the Trump administration's plans to curtail food stamps, which would have a profound impact on red states.

In the realm of entertainment, ThinkProgress does not shy away from addressing LGBTQ struggles within Hollywood, using celebrity Kristen Stewart's experience as a prime example. The website also covers international politics, such as Boris Johnson's Brexit tactics and their subsequent derailment by his own party.

ThinkProgress is characterized by its in-depth coverage of an array of topics, accomplishing its mission of providing engaging, informative and objective content to its readers.