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  • Politico
    Brings together the thoughts of a wide array of pundits and provocative writers to bring political junkies and casual readers up to date.

  • The Blaze
    News, information and opinion site; post, report and analyze stories of political interest.

  • The Hill
    Congressional newspaper that publishes daily when Congress is in session and is principally written for members about congressional matters.

  • The Huffington Post
    Its content is regarded as primarily liberal, but the site has made an effort to include conservative coverage as well. The news coverage is mostly objective, while the commentary is left-leaning and oriented to progressive readers.

  • The O'Reilly Factor
    Airs weeknights on Fox News Network at 8 and 11 p.m. The conservative news program asks guests tough questions about current political issues and first went on the air in 1996.

  • The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
    Focuses on news and political stories that are the focus each day. The program includes current election coverage and news of the day.

  • Ace of Spades HQ EP
    Anonymous political blogging and analysis that aims to offer a comprehensive tour on current state of affairs.

  • Afro-Netizen EP
    The blog focuses on African American current affairs. Created by and for the black community, with multiple authors.

  • American Digest EP
    Offers news on politics and international affairs of the United States of America. Has a lighter approach, aiming to be understood even by the politically untrained.

  • American Political Science Review EP
    Publishes peer-reviewed articles in all areas of political science - concerning the US, as well as the global political scene.

  • Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler EP
    Right wing political comment on the latest news and events, analyzed from a right-sided political perspective.

  • BAGnewsNotes EP
    Analyzes high profile news, advertising campaigns and advocacy images for the way they reveal political or cultural stereotypes.

  • Balloon Juice EP
    Offers political criticism and calls for action. Focuses on pointing out that the media tends to inform the people only in part, especially when it comes to difficult political situations, such as the crisis in the Middle East.

  • BloggingHeads EP
    Daily dia-blog between bloggers Robert Wright, Mickey Kaus, or a host of other pundit-writers on the news of the day. Features live dialogues on politics.

  • Burnt Orange Report EP
    The website offers national and international news, analysis of politics and entertainment gossip from Texas.

  • Crooks and Liars EP
    Political blog with an inclination towards liberalism featuring video clips, commentaries, and analysis of what's in the news and how it's being covered.

  • Daily Kos
    Often characterized as being a tool of the left, but the truth is that there is actually quite a lot of content that persons of a conservative mindset might find agreeable.

  • Daily Kos EP
    Offers daily political analysis and other rants on the state of the nation. Analyzes the political evolution of the US in international affairs.

  • Daily Pundit EP
    Aims to bring reason wherever irrational thinking seems to be affecting politics. An online journal of opinion edited by William Quick.

  • Daimnation EP
    Blogger from Newfoundland covers political news and opinions; offers political analysis and commentary from both national and international points of view.

  • Davids Medienkritik EP
    Analyzes politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media. Written and moderated by David Kaspar.

  • Dick Morris EP
    Offers U.S. centered political and election commentary. Features a regularily updated blog from author and columnist Dick Morris.

  • Dr. Frank's Blogs of War EP
    Political blog with a humoristic approach at times. Discusses democracy and how it relates to whisky and free blogging.

  • Drudge Report, The
    It's more of a collection of links than original writing, and most are oriented toward conservative thinking.

  • Empire Notes EP
    The website is a political blog by Rahul Mahajan. Contains articles, videos and comments on various political themes.

  • Face the Nation
    Done in a roundtable format and has been on the air since 1954. The program brings together guests including politicians and international figures to answer tough questions on current political issues.

  • Global Sherpa EP
    Online political journal that features international analysis of world news, development, globalization, environment issues, foreign policy, and world rankings.

    The website supports the politically conservative faction and focuses on delivering messages of the conservative party to the American voters.

  • Hannity
    During the television show, Hannity interviews guests and gives commentary on their responses about political issues. One segment on the show is "The Great American Panel" where he has three panelists discuss an issue.

  • Hardball with Chris Matthews
    Includes a panel of guests including analysts and politicians who tackle a current political issue. Matthews is also the host of "The Chris Matthews Show" a weekly news program.

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There may be no field of current events that benefits more from the broad ranging reach of the Internet than politics. Within every web directory is a listing of an Internet presence for every group and every political cause that you could think of, and then there are groups that you may have never heard of asking for your support in their cause.

Politics News

The Internet has done a lot of good for our society, and one of the things the Internet has offered is a forum for healthy and rigorous political debate. Fighting about politics on the Internet means that no one gets physically hurt, and all sides of an argument will get their chance to be heard. It offers people the chance to see every perspective on a political issue and make their decision based on views presented by others.

Each time there is a change in the political system or a new president is elected, the two main news providers which are the newspapers and television are fighting over subjects. It is also essential for the citizens to be continuously informed about the political news and policies of the candidates because this is what influences the decision of the citizens when it comes to voting. In order to take the best decision, people must be aware of the political view of each candidate as well as the ideas that they are promoting.

The newspapers that deal with political news present the priorities but also the future projects that the senators an deputies aim to achieve. As well as these, there are also presented scandals, conflicts and not least controversies that may occur in the Parliament. Besides newspapers, the political news can be presented during any news edition, next to sports and weather.

Although sometimes political news can be included in the news report, the news presenters are usually not allowed to say any parties names or candidates names because by doing this they are said to make publicity in order to influence the public opinion towards a member of the Parliament for example.

The presidential campaign of 2008 showed the rising importance of the Internet in the daily political landscape in the United States. Candidate Barack Obama used the Internet to help him become President Barack Obama, and he maintained his Internet presence after he was inaugurated into office.

Check any web directory and you will notice a spike in the amount of White House generated websites that has never existed before. President Obama has brought the world of politics deep into the Internet age, and given the way he used the Internet to gain the White House it is a safe bet that all future candidates will need to be adept at the Internet in order to gain political office.

It is this atmosphere of free expression that makes the Internet the perfect home for American politics. It is the notion that anyone can have their views heard by the entire country, and then the country can decide for themselves what is to be believed. The days of mud-slinging television commercials deciding elections has given way to healthy debate on the Internet about what is right for the country, and what is wrong.