Auger Hollingsworth operates as a Personal Injury Law firm, providing a broad range of services to clients in Ontario, including Ottawa and Toronto. With a well-established team of lawyers, Auger Hollingsworth offers a free, no-commitment case assessment, demonstrating a client-focused approach from the very outset.

The company's service offerings extend across various areas of personal injury law, from car accidents to long term disability insurance denials, indicating a strong comprehensive practice. It is noteworthy that their practice areas include specialties in brain injuries, child injuries, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death cases, thus showcasing the versatility of the firm's legal acumen.

Onboard is a formidable team of expert lawyers, spearheaded by Brenda Hollingsworth and Richard Auger, who come with substantial experience in representing and handling various complex injury cases. The sheer diversity in the team, including specialists like Luke Maynard, Kevan Wylie, and Gillian Mactaggart, further serves to highlight Auger Hollingsworth's broad spectrum of expertise.

Moreover, Auger Hollingsworth extends beyond serving simply as a legal counselor, equipping clients with an array of free resources such as guides and videos, geared to demystify the often overwhelming world of legal proceedings. The effort of the firm in simplifying law for their clients is highly commendable. It is significant to note their initiative 'The Road to Recovery', which appears to be a supportive platform for those embarking on the journey of a legal battle or coping with a recent accident.

In terms of operation, Auger Hollingsworth has considerably widespread reach, serving clients across several locations in Ontario, including Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, North York, Pembroke, and Toronto.

In the end, it's worth mentioning the firm's commitment to transparency, as evidenced by their clear explanations of what prospective clients can expect and how their payment system operates during the initial, no-commitment case evaluation. They've even provided a video introduction by Brenda Hollingsworth, offering an insight into their operations and ethos.

To sum it up, Auger Hollingsworth shapes up as an accessible, comprehensive personal injury law firm with a team of specialized lawyers ready to provide in-depth support for various legal matters. Their emphasis on client support, transparency, and educating the client base makes them a credible choice in the field of personal injury law in Ontario.

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Auger Hollingsworth Accident & Injury Lawyers
1443 Woodroffe Ave,
K2G 1W1

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Phone: 1-888-574-4529