is a specialized online directory designed to help individuals find Iranian or Persian lawyers. The website encompasses a broad spectrum of legal practice areas, including but not limited to Bankruptcy and Debt, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Personal Injury, and Real Estate. This variety ensures users can find legal assistance for a wide array of legal matters, with a particular focus on the needs of the Iranian community.

The website is structured to facilitate easy searches for legal professionals based on practice area, language proficiency (Farsi), or geographical location. This tailored approach is particularly beneficial for Farsi-speaking clients or those seeking legal expertise in Iranian law. It should be noted that using the website to connect with a lawyer does not automatically establish an attorney-client relationship; such a relationship is formed directly between the client and the lawyer upon mutual agreement to represent.

In terms of credibility, maintains a rigorous vetting process. The directory annually checks the judiciary information of each listed lawyer in their state of licensure, assessing whether they have faced any grievance, formal disciplinary action, or a civil lawsuit for malpractice. This vetting process is a critical aspect of the website, ensuring that it lists reliable and ethically sound legal professionals who understand the unique needs of the Iranian community.

The website also provides a knowledge base and FAQs for both clients seeking legal professionals and for lawyers looking to publish or edit their listings. This feature indicates the website's commitment to providing comprehensive support to its users. Moreover, offers responsive technical support, promising to address inquiries within three business days, enhancing the overall user experience.

Overall, is a crucial resource, especially for the Iranian community and others seeking legal counsel with an understanding of Iranian legal issues or language. Its extensive range of practice areas, user-friendly interface, stringent verification of legal professionals, and supportive resources make it an outstanding choice for those seeking legal representation or advice with a focus on Iranian legal contexts.

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