is a targeted online directory designed to assist in finding Indian lawyers, addressing the needs of those seeking legal representation or advice within the Indian community. The website features a broad range of legal practice areas, including Bankruptcy and Debt, Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Personal Injury, Real Estate, and more. This wide spectrum ensures users have access to legal professionals for various legal issues, particularly those requiring an understanding of Indian legal contexts.

The site's design focuses on user convenience, offering the ability to search for legal professionals based on practice area, location (U.S. state, city, or country), and more. While the website facilitates the initial connection between clients and attorneys, it's important to note that it does not create an attorney-client relationship. This relationship is established directly between the attorney and client upon mutual agreement to proceed.

Significant to its credibility, conducts annual checks on the judiciary information of the lawyers in their respective state of licensure. This process involves verifying if they have faced any grievance, formal disciplinary action, or a civil lawsuit for malpractice. Such diligent verification is crucial in ensuring the directory lists reliable and ethically responsible legal professionals.

Additionally, the website provides a knowledge base and FAQs to guide both clients in finding legal professionals and lawyers wishing to publish or edit their listings. This resource is indicative of the site's dedication to offering comprehensive support to its users. The commitment to responding to technical support inquiries within three business days further highlights the website's emphasis on user experience and support. stands out as an essential platform for the Indian community and others seeking legal counsel with an understanding of Indian legal matters. Its extensive range of practice areas, user-friendly interface, rigorous verification of legal professionals, and supportive resources render it an excellent choice for those in need of legal representation or advice with an Indian perspective.