Attorney Lucy Meir operates a law firm specializing in family law and divorce proceedings. Her practice provides comprehensive legal services for those seeking divorce, including representing clients professionally throughout their divorce process. This includes advice and support on divorce agreements, child support during divorce, spousal support, and family property division. She ensures that the clients understand the legal process and are well prepared for any consultation meetings.

In addition to divorce matters, Attorney Lucy Meir provides counsel and representation in other family law matters that are well-known in public family affairs. This includes child custody issues and appointment of legal guardians, advocating for the rights and best interests of her clients.

Beyond family and divorce law, the firm handles wills and inheritance cases. It provides help with tax planning in wills, explaining the cases in which a will is obligatory, and managing long-term power of attorney. The firm addresses common questions about wills and inheritance and offers professional legal assistance in will-related matters.

Attorney Lucy Meir's law firm also guides clients through legal opposition to the execution of a will, detailing the reasons why someone might oppose a will execution. They provide assistance in understanding and managing the legal process in will related matters, ensuring that clients' rights are protected throughout the execution of wills and dealing with inheritances under Israeli law.

In conclusion, Attorney Lucy Meir's law firm provides professional and comprehensive legal services in divorce and family law, as well as wills and inheritance. Through their expertise, the law firm represents the best interests of their clients while guiding them through these complex and often stressful legal proceedings.