Rushing and Guice PLLC operates as a legal firm located in Biloxi, particularly specialized in Maritime Law. This institution is one of the oldest law firms in Mississippi, boasting deep roots in the commercial life of the Gulf Coast. Over the years, it has constructed a practice deeply interwoven with the significant aspects of business and recreational activities connected to the waters in the region.

The attorneys at Rushing and Guice encompass various familiar figures such as William L. Guice III, R. Scott Wells, and Maria Martinez, who contribute to the firm's diverse legal capabilities. The firm has a wide range of services, including commercial litigation, business consultation, retail collections, commercial and residential real estate, estate planning, banking, and finance.

The key aspect of the firm's service repertoire, however, is its profound knowledge of maritime and admiralty law. This proficiency allows the firm to handle issues unique to operations on water, ranging from diving accidents and oil spills to shipping contracts and vessel registration. Their services extend to encompass areas such as registration of commercial vessels and handling compulsory details concerning the Jones Act.

One of the firm's standout qualities is their commitment to both individuals and businesses. They provide personal assistance services such as estate planning, land use legal issues, as well as trusts and estates. They also offer commercial services like banking and finance defense, commercial and retail collections, and business consultations.

In the niche of legal malpractice, the firm shows remarkable performance, it deals with accounting malpractice and other legal malpractice issues, acquiring remarkable feedback in these fields. The firm also provides assistance in environmental law, white-collar crimes, and casino representation, demonstrating the firm's multi-faceted approach to law.

To conclude, Rushing and Guice PLLC is a dependable resource for legal consultation and representation, excelling specifically in maritime law. The firm encompasses a comprehensive range of services that cater to a wide array of clientele, both individuals and businesses. The firm's long history and its deep ties with the Gulf Coast business community make it a suitable choice for those needing assistance in maritime and admiralty law.

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Rushing & Guice, PLLC.
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