The firm emphasizes building a foundation of trust, aiming to achieve optimal outcomes for clients through dedication. It prioritizes transparent communication, enabling clients to make informed decisions regarding their cases. The firm offers services in criminal defense, addressing charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, and provides support throughout the legal process.

Specializing in DUI/DWAI defense, the firm acknowledges the complexities of impaired driving charges, including potential DMV actions against licenses. It leverages focused training and experience to navigate these challenges effectively.

The importance of hiring a lawyer with significant trial experience is highlighted, comparing the necessity to a captain experienced in navigating treacherous waters, essential for preparedness in legal battles.

The firm is affiliated with several legal organizations, including the DUI Defense Lawyer Association and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, indicating a recognized presence in the legal community.

Past case results are presented, noting successes in various charges, including DUI and domestic violence cases, to illustrate the firm's capability in achieving favorable outcomes, though past results do not guarantee future performance.

DeChant Law's approach to defense is client-centric, involving clients in the defense process and focusing on personalized mitigation plans. The firm's philosophy includes preparing every case for trial, enhancing negotiation leverage with prosecutors, and being trial-ready if necessary.

Reid's effectiveness as a trial attorney is attributed to thorough case preparation and a willingness to proceed to trial, emphasizing the development of a client's story for persuasive negotiations and trial readiness.