Bennett Legal Group is a Florida-based law firm specializing in construction litigation and business litigation. They offer a range of services targeted towards resolving disputes within the construction and business industries and serve clients both in Florida and South Carolina.

The legal services provided by Bennett Legal Group in the area of construction litigation are comprehensive. These include Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), contract disputes, and dealing with construction defects. They also handle issues relating to delay and extra work, default and convenience terminations, malpractice defense, infrastructure and highway claims, insurance defense and coverage, and payment disputes.

On the business litigation side, Bennett Legal Group extends its legal expertise to provide solutions and handle issues that arise within the context of business operations. Specific details about the scope of their business litigation services are not provided, but it can be inferred that they are capable of handling various forms of disputes within or related to a business operation.

The team at Bennett Legal Group includes attorneys Brian Bennett, Brett Marlowe, Michelle Kane, and Joey Webster, though exact details about their qualifications and specialties were not provided. However, the presence of multiple attorneys suggests a breadth of expertise and ability to tackle different kinds of legal challenges.

Bennett Legal Group utilizes various forms of communication for potential client inquiries, including a chat function and direct phone lines. This indicates a dedication to customer service and a willingness to be easily accessible for clients.

Overall, Bennett Legal Group appears to be a comprehensive law firm specializing in construction and business litigation, making them a potential choice for professionals within these industries seeking legal consultation or representation. However, more specific details about their services and the qualifications of their legal team could provide a clearer picture of their exact capabilities. Evaluation of the firm's case studies and articles, which are not detailed in the given text, may also provide important insights into the quality of their work and success in past cases.

Business address

Bennett Legal Group, P.A.
850 Concourse Parkway South, Suite 100,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 407-734-4553
Fax: 407-209-1006