Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC is a dedicated facility for struggling boys. It's a 50,000-acre working cattle ranch located in the Northwest Corner of Wyoming. With more than 30 years of experience, the Ranch accommodates boys aged from 10 to 17. They aim to help at-risk teens by giving them the opportunity to unplug from their devices and engage with the natural world, in line with the individualistic principles of the establishment.

The Ranch is unique, being not only a therapeutic setting but also a working farm, with educational and vocational opportunities built into its program. The boys are given the chance to assist in rounding up cattle, gaining first-hand experience in the functioning of a real-life cattle farm. They also operate in proximity to Yellowstone National Park providing an even more diverse environment.

Apart from the rewarding ranch life, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC also offers integral lessons that foster personal growth. They utilize a distinctive approach that aims to unfold the boy's mind, teaching them significant life principles. Focusing on real-life experiences, or 'Reality Counseling' as the ranch terms it, the program instills values of hard work, responsibility, and respect.

The Ranch provides individualized attention necessary for each boy thus ensuring a consistent and personal focus on their progress. Mentoring plays a prominent role in the Triangle Cross Ranch approach, seeking to impart principles of family and spiritual growth alongside more practical skills.

In conclusion, Triangle Cross Ranch, LLC is a comprehensive program for struggling boys, aiming to address their issues through a combination of work, mentoring, and connection with nature. It is much more than just a place for therapy - it is a space of transformation, learning, and growth.