Teenage Life web directory: 6 resources.

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  • Teenage Health Freak
    A way for teenagers to learn about what is happening to them both physically and emotionally.

  • Triangle Cross Boys Ranch EP
    Helps at-risk teen boys. At Triangle Cross Ranch, troubled boys, ages 10-17, experience important life lessons that change them for good.

  • Teen Forumz
    Allows for teenagers from around the globe to talk to each other about different topics.

  • TeenHelp
    Forums, discussion boards, online chat and article resource for teens and all things related to teen life. Topics range from love and sexuality to career and study orientation.

  • Teens For Life
    Social networking website that allows for teens from all around the world to interact with each other and discuss different life issues that matter to them.

  • TheSite.org
    Provides resources for teens, ranging from relationship advice, work and study opportunities and travel & free time. A mobile site is also available.

Teenage Life Web Directory

Being a teenager is often something to look forward to and something to dread. Many mixed feelings may be involved in the lives of teenagers because there are so many changes going on. Teenage life is both exciting and scary, wonderful and dramatic, thrilling and dangerous. It can be enjoyable at times and depressing at others. One day can be entirely up and the next, everything can be crashing down.

Teenage life holds so many questions which can often seem unanswerable. Teenagers often feel misunderstood, unheard, or left out. However, there are many people and places who have a heart to help teenagers through these roller-coaster years in the process of growing, learning, and discovering who they are.

Teenagers deal with a lot of different issues including high school, preparing for after-graduation, physical changes, heightened or unbalanced hormones, fluctuating emotions, changing appetites or desires, peer pressure, jobs, and more. It is not unusual for teenage life to be stressful or frustrating as well as exciting and challenging.

The puberty along with that period of your life when you are a teenager is wonderful. You get to kiss a girl or a boy for the first time and you experience things that you have never felt before. On the other hand, this teenage life is very sensitive and since all the feelings are new, teenagers tend to dramatize everything and not once did it happen for youngsters to take the wrong decisions.

We hear out parents often saying that they wish they could enjoy the teenage life again, because it was so beautiful and without worries that they miss it a lot. They are right, the teenage life is beautiful and the only thing that concerns the teenagers is school. Some say that teenage life is the most difficult period one can pass through due to the problems that they encounter with regarding their families.

To sum up, the teenage life can be both lovely and unpleasant. It is that time of their lives when teenagers learn how to be responsible and how to apologize every time they make a mistake and lower the ego. In this web directory you can find links to interesting web pages where both kids and adults can share their experiences regarding teenage life.

This directory aims to bring ease to teenage life by providing a conducive listing of help for teenagers covering every topic they could need. Answers on dating or paying bills, preparing for prom or dealing with emotions, being confident or getting a permit will be readily available for whatever time a teenager needs them.

Often, teenagers may feel as if they are in a crisis and they just need answers now. Here, we hope to provide quick, informative answers which will comfort, encourage, and better prepare our teenagers to live their teenage lives successfully.