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No matter how many days pass or how many years go by, kids and teens will be a part of society and the people that belong to it. Every day, babies are born, people get married, and people pass on. Normal functions happen every day, and society goes on continually. Though kids and teens live in a variety of places, belong to a variety of circles, and endure a variety of circumstances, they will all be expected to know how to live properly within their society and treat the people around them well.

Respect and cultural adjustment are often lost concepts with today's kids and teenagers. They are not expected to get along with those around them, learn from their elders, or be well-adjusted citizens. They are not expected to contribute to society or make a good impact on the world. However, kids and teens, whether they like it or not, are a part of society. If they so choose, they can radically touch the world around them, both locally and foreigenly.

Kids and teens have the opportunity to connect with a larger circle of people like never before. With the use of Internet networking, kids and teens can talk to people on the other side of the world, learn about every kind of culture, and discover many new things. These advantages should promote young people to be better citizens, caring for their fellow man, both young and old.

As human beings, we feel the need to interact with other people, and so do the kids and teenagers nowadays. In order to be part of the society and act in the proper way, the youngsters must remember that there are people older than them and they should not lack in respect when it comes to helping an old lady to cross the street or be civilized when somebody else is having a conversation.

We are all different: different tastes, different characters and perceptions. This is why the kids and teens have to understand that nobody is perfect and we are not the same, therefore they should show some respect towards others that are different from them, regardless of the matter. In order to be accepted in the society, the young people must prove that they are comprehensive and tolerant, therefore others will act accordingly.

Due to the fact that Internet facilitates the access of kids and teens to this social network of people, it is easier for them to integrate, it is easier to take part to a discussion board and meet people than go to a conference for instance or to a ball. This is one of the proofs that the society and people have very much evolved.

Society will continue, but we need the young generation to step up to the plate and take control of what society will look like tomorrow. It may not always remain the same if traditionally and cultural principles are neglected for whatever reason. Although they may not realize it, kids and teens are given the opportunity to have great impact on this world.

Here, kids and teens will find ways in which they can learn to be better citizens, participate in their society, treat people well, and all together, be the generation that leaves a lasting legacy.


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