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  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Homework Resources
    Offers links to support sites in the USA and through the globe that would be suitable to higher elementary, junior high, and high school graduates. Deals homework resources, printouts and sports for teens and youths.

  • College Planning Center
    Guide for high school scholars preparing to go to college. Aids select the correct college and major, submit the solicitation, and finance college. Contains a yearlong college development calendar.

  • Colleges and Universities EP
    Vocation and college preparation for high school scholars and parents. Links to all college websites. Subsidy and financial assistance planning. SAT and ACT testing for college destined undergraduates.

  • CyberSleuth Kids EP
    A wide-ranging informative search engine, directory and homework assistant for the K-12 scholar. An essential lending library and orientation instrument providing easy access to thousands of harmless topic specific sites.

  • FAQ Kids EP
    Responses to questions that kids ask like: Why is the sky blue? Why do we burp? What makes the moon glow? Queries are separated into topic areas such as faunas, sporting and outer space.

  • Great Web Sites for Kids
    Internet director of child harmless websites nominated by a committee of the American Library Association. Compromises links to data about animals, history, poetry, fine art, science and community science.

  • Small Wonders Early Learning Center
    Offers parents and children an interactive opportunity where they can share in the day's experiences, meet and socialize with other parents, arrange car pool and scheduling and more.

  • Study Stack EP
    Supports with memorization chores through a diversity of virtual flashcard events. Undergraduates might use a current learning stack or build one of their own. Contains numerous subjects including science, collected works and languages.

  • Tutors in Toronto - Next Step Tutoring
    Next Step Tutoring provides tutoring assistance to students in Grades 1 through 12 for all subject areas. Call (416) 801-3750 to find a tutor in Toronto.

  • ABCmouse: Early Learning Academy
    With a full curriculum available, children can participate in an interactive learning environment that stimulates them.

  • Brain POP EP
    Study about your body, space, science and condition. Take your homework queries answered with a motion picture, ask for information, or just browse and study. Few unrestricted sections but full entree needs a paid subscription.

  • ipl2: For Teens
    Schoolwork aid by subject, tools for writing examination papers, and a method for asking a orientation question, as well as entertaining stuff containing humor, trivia, a poems wiki, urban legends, and a graphic novels director.

  • Jiskha Homework Help
    Articles, competitions, humor and puzzles for several school areas together with art, computers, English, foreign languages, well-being, home financial side, math, music, physical learning, science, social readings and technology.

  • Kidport Home Page EP
    Make available interactive mathematics, science, social studies and linguistic arts accomplishments for K-8th graders. Likewise contains teacher and parental pages. Necessitates Shockwave plug-in.

  • Mrs. Thonus's Third Grade Stars EP
    Contains suggesting lists, constant homework assignments, curriculum linked pages, class newsletter, scholar work and photographs of lecture theater activities in Marstons Mills East School in Massachusetts. Contains music.

    Users create pets that they name and care for. Pets vary in size, color and species, so they can be cute and furry or wild and fierce.

  • Raleighvallen Rainforest School
    Four youngsters and their tutor live in a tropical forest park in the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. Read about their involvements in Raleighvallen Camp on Foregoes Island in the Coppename River, get hold of only by canoe.

  • TakingITGlobal EP
    An online public, providing adolescence with motivation to make a change, a basis of data on concerns, prospects to take action, and a passage to get tangled locally, on a national scale and worldwide.

  • Tutoring Calgary: Math and Science Tutoring
    Tutors in Calgary provides one-on-one tutoring programs for children in grades kindergarten through twelve.

  • Youth Business International
    System of youth business enterprises whose drive is to assistance young public work for themselves by giving them with professional mentoring, local information, sustenance, and access to economics.

School Time Web Directory

Though kids and teens may dread it, school time is a necessary part of life for every young person. For many years, kids and teens will have to wake up early, take a school bus or catch a ride, spend their days at the school, do homework, and keep up with other school activities. And though school may grow to become a mundane, normal part of life, it doesn't need to be miserable.

Granted, school isn't always fun. School is oftentimes just work, but kids and teens should learn that life calls for a responsibility to work even when it isn't fun. However, through school, young people can really learn the rewards and benefits of hard work. Though fun may not always be included, the outcome of doing well in school and be prepared for school time will certainly outweigh the non-enjoyable parts of the school years.

Suppose to want to go to college or get a special job. Kids and teens will need to be disciplined and diligent during their school years to be able to move on. Even if kids and teens do not want to continue with higher education, school will still be an excellent foundation in life. Experience will be gained, not merely through the textbook knowledge, but in having to deal with the various people, responsibilities, rules, and other demands of being a student.

In school, kids and teens learn the basic package of information that they need in order to get through life and be able to study more in the future, if they are interested in doing so and going to college. When it comes to school time, you won`t see happy faces or anxious kids but in the end when they graduate high school they will look back at that time and miss it, because once they grow up and school time is gone they will face problems and responsibilities.

The school schedule varies from country to country, in some schools the pupils study from 8:00 to 12:00 while in other schools the school time lasts until 5 or 6 PM when usually the parents come back from work. Another annoying part related to school is the homework that prevents the kids and teens from playing or having fun. Homework aims to improve writing and learn kickier.

If you ask kids and teens which part of the school time they like best they will answer "Breaks!". It is normal for them to get easily bored and school breaks have their role: the brain gets more oxygen and therefore the attention is refreshed, the kids and teens being able to switch from one class to another and still be focused.

The school time directory aims to provide helpful links and listings for kids and teens in different areas such as homework, research, time management, extracurricular activities, higher education, special education, social pressures, dealing with school time situations, being a good student, or studying, to name but a few. The goal here is to make better students of our kids and teens who will have the attitude that school can actually be cool!