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    A learning environment for kids.

  • ABC Toon Center
    A compilation of original games for children of all ages. Interactive puzzles, cartoons and picture stories with read-a-long option.

  • Adult Sites Against Child Pornography EP
    NPO committed against online child abuse. Battles on the front against child pornography trough an online hotline, investigates the website and report them to the government authorities, FBI and National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. The hotline is anonymous for whom may feel uncomfortable contacting government agencies.

  • Anti-Child Porn Organization EP
    ACPO is a group formed by volunteers devoted to combat child abuse. Form a supportive strategy with other assemblies with parallel goals that will advantage all and rise the impact. Give the maximum information to authorities regarding own investigation on internet child pornography.

  • Anti-Phishing Working Group EP
    Worldwide cluster backing up those who deal with the phishing threat. Delivers guidance on anti-phishing methods and facts on present trends. Offers resources in white paper on anti-phishing technology and extra layers of protection.

  • - Fraud Guide EP
    Purchaser guide of avoiding and fighting eBay, Escrow, Internet, Cashier's check, and Nigerian scams. Guidelines on exactly how to spot fake escrow enterprises and report the scams. Info on how to view the history, complete the sale and what questions to ask the seller when you buy a car.

  • COPA Commission EP
    Run by Internet Caucus Advisory Committee (ICAC) in collaboration with Child Online Protection Act (COPA) commission. Release the Act in front of the congress that prohibit online sites from knowingly making available to minors material.

  • EP
    Brings out a database of current scams in UK. Accepts reports of fraud and labels them in a warning list. The website includes a list of photos, IP addresses, email addresses, fake scammer pictures, in effort to avoid future victims.

  • Cyber Criminals Most Wanted EP
    Activating since 1999, it offers a full list of internet types of fraud. Presentation of USA Cyber Law, FBI Most Wanted List. Delivers a full understanding on how scams works and offers the support you need.

  • Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties EP
    United Kingdom internet regulation regarding child pornography. Provide reports of operations done concerning internet child abuse. Covers subjects such as the matters of civil rights, ease of access of sexually explicit content, the efficiency of filtering in shielding children from sexually explicit content.

  • CyberTip Line - NCMEC EP
    CyberTipline is working in partnership with the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Department of Justice, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force program, as well as other federal bureaus, in combating internet child pornography.

  • ECPAT Sweden EP
    Sweden organization that elaborated the "Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism" act. Founded "Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography", act that obstruct and stop payments for money-making child pornographic material, trough Swedish banks.

  • ePals Global Community
    Offers kids from kindergarten through high school a safe online learning environment. Children can find and join a classroom based on their age, language and interests. The classes are from all over the world which allows kids to participate in learning experiences that may not be offered in traditional schools.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation - Common Fraud Schemes EP
    FBI online support on internet frauds. Explain how the common frauds work, how to avoid them and what you need to do if you find yourself in this situation. A list of most used scams like telemarketing, Nigerian and pyramid frauds.

  • Fighting Pornography - UNESCO EP
    Marisa Berenson, UNESCO's Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, rally her business and entertainment acquaintances to battle child pornography. They intend to take up a plan of action for making the Internet secure for kids without jeopardizing liberty of expression.

  • ID Theft Authority
    A resource in identity theft prevention and protection. Their reviews help consumers find the best identity theft service for their needs.

  • ID Thieves Target Children, Infants EP
    A podcast on youth identity theft. From some time, the identity theft has spread on the youth as well. Seattle Times journalist, Jolayne Houtz, elucidates why and how. John Brooke, a father, defines how his infant became a target.

  • Identity Theft Answers EP
    A website that provides valued material on identity theft as well as key facts, kinds of id theft used in present, means to avoid from becoming a target. Also you can find diverse techniques that can shield your identity.

  • Identity Theft Is A Crime EP
    Conducted by the United States administration, the site specifies the exertion of the President's ID Theft Task Force, victims' privileges and pinpoints what paces are taken by the government agencies to fight identity theft matters. Warns you about your child personal information against theft.

  • Internet Crime Complaint Center EP
    A trust among the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). Warnings for users and am easy method for reporting a mechanism regarding frauds. Formerly the Internet Fraud Complaint Center, now brings Public/Private Alliances.

  • Kids Computer Lab
    Allows students the opportunity to improve their technical knowledge while using the capabilities of the internet. A variety of tutorials on researching and navigating the web, literary skills, and a visual art studio are provided.

  • Scam Busters EP
    Data and practices for internet users to aid in preventing to be a victim of a fraud. Offers a variety of methods, from the latest scams in use, to a list of scammers and a scam check option.

  • The Anatomy of Clickbot.A EP
    Runs a comprehensive case study of the structural design of the Clickbot. A botnet that endeavored a low-noise click scam attack on the corporate search engines. This botnet of over 100,000 mechanisms is rune with a HTTP-based botmaster.

  • Utica College Center for Identity Management and Information Protection EP
    A research collective devoted to furthering a nationwide research program on identity controlling, information input, identity theft and data security. Deliver access to complex data and produce outcomes that will be acted upon.

  • Working to Halt Online Abuse EP
    Helper group formed to lecture circumstances of online persecution through civic training. Describe the law enforcement and the empowerment of targets. Has a resources directory and offers victims referrals of lawyers and private investigators.

The Internet is one of the most used tools in today's society especially among the kids and teens. With the use of the Internet, almost anything you want to know is available through the click of the mouse or a single keystroke. Search engines are used continually world wide to find things, networking sites are available at all times of the day and throughout the entire world to connect society, and business sites are used to increase marketing and sales all the time.

Truly, the Internet is a wonderful tool, but it must be used correctly. Kids and teens need to learn how to be wise with this powerful privilege. If precautions are not taken and discretion is not used, the Internet can become a destructive source in anyone's life. However, if kids and teens can learn how to use the Internet properly for a variety of uses, they will gain much through this wonderful technology.

Education can blossom through the use of the Internet which now houses popular dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thousands of other resources for learning. Kids and teens can learn more and perform better with the use of the Internet. The Internet also is one of the greatest ways for kids and teens to keep in touch and network with a wide variety of people. With the use of such technology, kids and teens can even be friends with their generation on the other side of the world!

Kids and teens are especially fond of the Internet because of the things that it provides: movies that they like, games that they enjoy playing and not least, the useful information that is needed in order to make a project or a homework for school. Besides these advantages, the Internet is also so wanted and craved for because there are online championships or leagues where kids and teens can play games and even win money.

Although the Internet proves to be very useful in many ways, the parents have to be very vigilant and take care of their children because some of the games they play are violent and so kids, especially the young ones are prone to developing their behavior and several character traits according to what they see in the games or movies. In order to prevent such things from happening, parents can install passwords to certain web pages or restrict the access to some of the games installed on the computer.

Since the beginning, the Internet was very successful among people because it brought up to light new features and basically the Internet lays at the basis of an era of communication and technology. The kids and teens nowadays are the ones that will bring forth the new technology and since they have access to the Internet from a very young age they will become professionals in this area.

The Internet directory is here for kids and teens to learn more about the Internet, how to use the various functions, how to connect with various people and organizations, how to find information, and more. There is so much available on the Internet that it may be nearly impossible to list everything in a single directory, but the main goal will be to better prepare kids and teens for the use of the Internet that they may be productive and wise users of it.