Moonbug Entertainment has made strides in the entertainment industry, offering a wide range of child-friendly shows for its global audience. Among its catalogue of impressive shows, Supa Strikas is a standout that entertains and offers valuable life lessons for kids. Supa Strikas is a show that is focused on football and places importance on values like respect and teamwork.

In this captivating show, children between the ages of 8 and 12 follow Shakes, Rasta, and the other Supa Strikas on their journey to be the greatest football team in the world. The characters are engaging and the storyline is enticing enough to captivate young minds, instilling in them important values while keeping them entertained.

Supa Strikas is accessible globally and demonstrates Moonbug's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The show is available in 27 languages, effectively reaching children in over 100 countries. This makes the show a powerful tool for teaching a global audience of children the values it champions, crossing language, and cultural barriers.

In addition to its geographical reach, Supa Strikas also displays technological versatility. The show can be watched on popular platforms such as Youtube, Turner, Disney, Samsung, and Roku, and can even be listened to on music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google play and more. This widespread availability ensures that children from different countries and technological backgrounds can easily access and enjoy the show.

Though primarily a children's entertainment company, Moonbug Entertainment also prioritizes user privacy and ethical operations, as demonstrated by its transparency about its Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Terms of Use. Furthermore, the company adheres to the Modern Slavery Act and its Supplier Operating Principles, highlighting a commitment to ethical business practices.

In conclusion, Moonbug Entertainment's Supa Strikas is an engaging show that not only provides entertainment but also carries important messages for its young audience. The show is highly accessible, making it an excellent choice for children from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Its representatives also assure its users of their adherence to ethical operations and consumer privacy. Supa Strikas is surely a top contender in Moonbug's catalogue and a valuable contribution to children's entertainment.