Marketing for Humor & Fun Websites

Laughing is some of the world's best medicine, and truly, kids and teens need to laugh. It is never wrong to have a good time, to laugh until your sides hurt or you have tears dripping from your eyes. Kids and teens may find a variety of things humorous, but it is always wise to remember that certain things are not funny. Derogatory comments, crude jokes, or plain rude behavior is never a laughing matter, but that doesn't mean kids and teens can't enjoy humor and fun.

In the mess of today's world, laughter can brighten just about anyone's day. Humor is a great way to get smiles to people's faces or make something difficult and painful seem less of a burden. Kids and teens enjoy making each other laugh as well as making those around them laugh. Humor and laughter lighten the mood, ease stress and tension, and generally makes for a good time.

Fun is important if well balanced with the other responsibilities of life. Kids and teens should learn the appropriate times to be humorous or crack jokes and the times to be more subdued and controlled. If they can master such a skill, they will be able to find enjoyment in humor for the rest of their lives. Here, kids and teens can learn from other trusted resources about what kind of humor is good, how to bring humor and fun to their every-day-lives, how to make most anyone laugh, or anything related.

It is known that kids and teens are more optimistic and laugh more than adults do, because they have no worries and basically can find something funny in most of the things, beginning with magazines and ending with lessons at school or the teacher`s outfit. Not only do laughing and fun brighten up the atmosphere and make the day more enjoyable, but they are also benefit because when we laugh we activate at least 12 of our facial muscles.

One of the most interesting things related to fun and humor is that when we are having fun, the muscles from the stomach push up the air with a speed of 100km/h, so you begin to breathe faster, therefore your blood is better oxygenated and so is the brain. This is only one of the many advantages that laughing has when it comes to health. Studies have shown that kids and teens laugh for around 400 times a day, while an adult barely manages to smile for 20 times per day.

To sum up, having fun and enjoy other people`s humor is great for both our mind and body. So if you haven`t laughed at all for today, grab a computer and search for jokes or funny videos that for sure will bring a smile on your face. Don`t forget that the happiness of a person always reflects on his or her health!

This directory will be a place of helping promote proper humor and fun for kids and teens. Funny jokes, stories, and other laugh-out-loud material will be available in these resources which will keep those kids and teens "rolling" for hours to come.


  • Dinosaur Jokes
    Resource for kids and teens who enjoy dinosaur jokes. Simple website featuring numerous punchlines, jokes and other stuff related to dinosaurs.

  • Funny Facebook Status
    Collection of the funniest Facebook status updates. They rely heavily on user submissions for funny status updates as well as a discussion board to engage the community and comment on.

  • NIEHS Kids' Page
    Pages with jokes, illusions, riddles & brainteasers, and more.

  • Ozzy Wizzpop
    Basingstoke children's entertainer offering a "high-octane" memorable birthday party entertainment with magic, talking puppets, balloon sculptures, party games and lots of comedy.

  • Supa Strikas
    Comic and animated series for kids about a soccer team. Once registered on the website, you can create your own player and even your own comic.

  • Teodulo
    Animation, comics and other resources related to the animated character Teoludo. Kids can read comics, watch animations featuring Teoludo. Website available in English, Spanish and German.