SafetyInfo is a comprehensive online resource that provides a wealth of safety information and materials. Widely utilized by safety managers and risk consultants, this platform offers an expansive safety library containing over 9,000 pages of pre-constructed content. This significant repository is designed to help organizations swiftly establish a robust safety program.

SafetyInfo is also known for its COVID-19 informational support. This resource is aimed at safeguarding employees and keeping companies abreast of the latest health protocols advised during the pandemic. It is designed with emphasis on utilitarian outcomes and the ability to adapt to sudden public health related circumstances.

A significant feature of SafetyInfo is its proactive approach towards compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The tools and resources provided by SafetyInfo are designed to prevent hefty costs associated with legal and OSHA violations. The platform's effectiveness in this area is vouched for by safety professionals like Mike McKenzie, a Certified Safety and Health Manager from McSafety Solutions.

Another useful element of the SafetyInfo offering is its free video content. These provide a visual and interactive means to supplement the material found in the safety library. The video content covers a range of topics, from construction subcontractor safety training and OSHA inspections advice, to back safety and lifting instructions, and OSHA guidelines in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.

There is also a heavy emphasis on training documentation within the SafetyInfo library. Housing over 120 written safety programs, these allow users to build a custom safety manual tailored to their organization's needs. An additional 400 training documents offer guidance for employees, supervisors, and managers, broadening the platform's reach to all levels of an organization.

Complementing the vast array of safety materials, SafetyInfo also offers a free Safety Manager Software. Aimed at consolidating safety elements into a streamlined system, this software introduces another level of integration into safety management.

Overall, SafetyInfo serves as a readily accessible and comprehensive safety hub, rendering material that is easy to apply within various organizational setups. The platform's extensive pre-prepared content, training material, and software position it as a valuable tool for safety management. Whether for establishing a foundational safety program, managing compliance, or expanding safety knowledge across a team, SafetyInfo is engineered for efficiency and thoroughness.