Redtree Dental in Fairview is a comprehensive dental clinic in Vancouver, BC, offering a wide range of services. Established in 2011 by Dr. Jain, the clinic provides general, cosmetic, and surgical dental services, always welcoming new patients to their office located near downtown Vancouver.

At the helm of Redtree Dental is Dr. Jain, known for her friendly and gentle approach to dentistry. Her bio on the website indicates an evident passion for providing top-level care and comfort to her patients, building on her dream and vision of excellence in the practice of dentistry.

Redtree Dental offers a diverse suite of services. A staple in general dentistry, they provide typical check-ups and cleanings for new patients as part of regular oral healthcare. On top of this, they also cater to cosmetic dentistry needs, such as smile makeovers, teeth whitening, botox, and Invisalign. Surgical services include but are not limited to dental implants, root canal therapy, and wisdom tooth removal.

Particularly notable is their offer of infant tongue tie and lip tie frenectomies a highly specialized service that further cements Redtree Dental's comprehensive approach to oral health.

Given the breadth of services on offer, Redtree Dental seems to be making strides in solidifying its place as a trusted local dental office. Although they have already been operating for a decade, their dedication to catering to various dental needs while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere shows a continued commitment to their clients' oral health and comfort. Verdict: Redtree Dental presents a holistic and patient-centric approach to dental care, backed by a diverse array of services on offer, and a commitment to excellence paves the way for a trusted dentistry practice.

Business address

1395 West. 6th Ave.,
V6H 0B1

Contact details

Phone: +1 604-873-3337