Pediatric Oncall is a comprehensive medical information website, specifically focused on pediatrics. The platform offers a wide range of health topics from neonatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric dermatology, gastroenterology and hepatology to nephrology and oncology. The site is unique as it also features articles on alternative medicine, general pediatric issues, immunodeficiencies, and infectious diseases, catering to varying needs and preferences of its users.

Apart from offering a multitude of health topics, Pediatric Oncall presents an array of featured articles on specific conditions such as hypospadias, anal fissure, allergic rhinitis, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), scrotal swellings, and asthma. This provides useful information for parents and caregivers allowing them a deeper insight into specific child health concerns.

Furthermore, Pediatric Oncall aims to create an engaging user experience through the 'Kids Corner' section, combining health knowledge with fun elements. This is an interesting approach to familiarize children with medical concepts.

The website offers a number of useful tools such as medical calculators, drug calculators, genetic calculators, and growth calculators, which can assist medical professionals and interested parents in making quick calculations relevant to pediatric health.

The website's comprehensive 'Drug Index' and 'Poisoning Center' offer detailed insights into various drugs and potential pediatric poisoning scenarios. This emphasis on educating its audience about various medical scenarios sets Pediatric Oncall apart as a useful resource.

Medical equipment such as monitors, pumps, and incubators are also highlighted on the website, showcasing essential tools used in pediatric care.

Pediatric Oncall provides options for query-based interactions. It encourages its visitors to ask doctors directly, raising diagnostic dilemmas, or engaging in question of the week. The site also features pediatric blogs, spot diagnoses, grand rounds, and Pedi poll.

Its dedicated 'Pediatric Journal' section features not only the current issue but also allows access to past issues. Users are also allowed to submit articles, facilitating a sense of community involvement.

An exceptional feature of the Pediatric Oncall platform is the inclusion of interactive tools like medical calculators, a comprehensive drug center, and a timely vaccine reminder, ensuring that users stay updated with essential health milestones.

Pediatric Oncall's extensive offering does not end with information sharing. It also focuses on continual learning with an emphasis on 'CME and Videos' and 'Upcoming Conferences.' Conference abstracts and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are also featured on the platform, emphasizing its commitment to being a comprehensive resource for medical professionals.

Overall, Pediatric Oncall is a versatile platform providing an in-depth array of information, tools, and resources catering to the needs of medical professionals, parents, and caregivers in the field of pediatrics.