Tufts Medical Center is a comprehensive healthcare organization situated in Boston. It operates both a hospital and an academic medical center, offering a wide range of patient care services, along with research and clinical trials. The center also provides professional training and education opportunities, contributing to the medical sector's advancement.

The medical center consists of numerous departments and services focused on treating various medical conditions. It prioritizes a comprehensive patient care approach, providing assistance throughout the hospital stay. Along with its primary health services, the Center offers supportive services that address further needs of patients such as facilitating bill payments, offering a patient portal called myTuftsMed, and providing financial aid.

Research is an integral part of Tufts Medical Center's mission. It hosts multiple research institutes and is involved in numerous clinical trials through its Departmental Research Division. Dedicated towards driving forward medical science and innovation, the Medical Center emphasizes partnerships and collaborations. It also encourages career opportunities for researchers, demonstrating its commitment to fostering growth within the medical research community.

Tufts Medical Center values continuous learning, providing residencies and fellowships within various medical fields. The training and educational offerings are aimed towards nurturing medical professionals, offering resources like medical libraries and a Graduate Medical Education Office. The Medical Center maintains a Medical Staff Office, promoting interaction and coordination amongst health professionals.

For added transparency, Tufts Medical Center shares significant information about its institution through various resources. Stakeholders can learn about the center's history, locations, directions, and obtain various helpful phone numbers. Furthermore, it declares its commitment to quality and safety by making its policies and public documents accessible. The center has also witnessed recognition through recent awards, acknowledging its commitment to healthcare service provision.

Tufts Medical Center, while providing substantial medical services, also engages its community through a volunteer service program. By sharing stories and experiences, it offers an inclusive space for patients, medical staff, and researchers alike.