Family Orbit is a parental control app designed to monitor a child's phone activities to ensure their safety. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and offers a variety of features for comprehensive supervision.

One of the main features of the Family Orbit app is the ability to track a child's phone activities including call history, website visits, and text messages. This allows parents to monitor the type of content their child is consuming, ensuring their exposure to appropriate materials.

An impressive feature of Family Orbit is the real-time map location monitoring, which offers peace of mind to parents about their child's whereabouts. This tool is particularly useful for parents when their child is away from home, providing instant location updates.

The Text and Call Logger tool gives parents transparency regarding their child's interactions, offering insights into whom the child has been speaking with. Moreover, the Website Activity feature provides an overview of the websites the child has been visiting. These functionalities put parents in a better position to supervise online safety and manage screentime.

Adding further to its features, the app allows parents to View Photos and Videos on their child's device, helping prevent any inappropriate images or content from going viral. This ensures that children have access to only age-appropriate content.

Family Orbit also showcases an Activity Timeline, which compiles all the tracked activities into a coherent overview. This detailed timeline assists in understanding the child's activities better, painting a comprehensive picture of their digital behavior.

In conclusion, Family Orbit seems to be an advanced parental control app that extends various features for a more secure digital environment for kids. With its compatibility across iOS and Android devices and a free trial period, Family Orbit appears to give parents improved oversight into their child's online activities and whereabouts.

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