Spatulatta is a unique online platform for kids. It specializes in teaching cooking and providing a diversified range of recipes to its young audience. The website acts as a guide for kids to learn cooking in a fun and interactive manner, with a plethora of categories and recipes to choose from.

The selection of recipes available on Spatulatta includes various categories from breakfast to desserts, and special dishes for occasions like holidays and picnics. For example, there's an enjoyable recipe segment on creating 'Stuffed Rice Balls,' which are commonly known as Onigiri in Japan and Hawaii. This recipe, posted on October 11, 2018, includes salted preserved plums or optional canned tuna as a key ingredient to cater to different preferences of its users.

Another recipe highlighted on the website is the 'Sausage Bake', a warm dish added to the platform on September 21, 2018. This specific recipe promises to provide comfort on a brisk autumn day, highlighting the seasonal relevance of the dishes on the website. Additionally, one of the sweeter options on the site is the 'Pumpkin Pot Pies,' described as a fall favorite posted on September 20, 2018.

Furthermore, Spatulatta goes beyond main dishes to provide instruction on sides and desserts, such as the 'Harvest Soup', a perfect dish to welcome the autumn season, or the 'Fall Cupcakes', a creative and fun way to incorporate seasonal flavors into desserts. They also offer recipes on healthy smoothies, like the 'Banana Orange Smoothie', posted on September 15, 2018, suggesting a quick, refreshing drink to start the day off.

Verdict: Spatulatta is a platform that provides a multitude of recipes, keeping the interest of young chefs by incorporating traditional and innovative cooking techniques. It covers all meal categories and additionally includes options for beverages and desserts. The focus on user-friendly, kid-oriented cooking techniques, along with the frequent updates and variety, make it a charming and instructional platform for its intended demographic.